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In 2016 we had a lot of guests @ Baas Sports Curacao, top fighters and top trainers/coaches. A lot of them gave a guest training. See the pictures above.
1st row from left to right; Rachid Victoria (Team Ruthless Rotterdam), Teppo Laine (Thai-kickboxing trainer Lappeenrannan kickboxing club Finland), Aiven Sprang (begin eighties one of the first Muay Thai, kickboxing and Savate champions now teaching at Houwaart The Hague), guest-training by Thaikibo trainer Melvyn Tombokan with Patrick v.d. Kraats and Frank den Hengst.
2nd row; Form Baas Sports Curacao fighters Joost Mulder (Ibrahim Sellak) and Jamal el Otmani (El Otmani gym), Howard Komproe, guest-training by Marcel Dieters and Gert Flik from KB Groningen, Brandon Fos (Days gym Almere).
3rd row; Kader Benali (Ben Ali gym Noord Scharwoude), Jermaine Seymonson and Guillermo Seymonson (Team S.T.E.A.L.L. Rotterdam) who gave different work-outs, A-class heavyweight Steve Reezight (Saban gym), Roony Boye (Aruba), former students Jeraud and Deon Best.
4th row; Chofi Balijn, Hannes Schneider (Gym Haarlem) who gave a beach training, Layno and Randy Heyer (Ringstars).
5th row; Sherman Bonofacio, Hercules Stroop (Scorpio gym), Referee Rachid Belhadji (WMTA/FOG), A-class kickoxer and MMA Fighter Clayton Henriquez (Angelo gym), Elizah and Zacky Halfhide (1st class boxers Suriname), Luigi Kwas.
6th row; Olympic athletes boxer Enrico La Cruz and sprinter Churandy Martina, multiple boxing champion Hüsnü Koçabas,Millis Prens, current world champion kickboxing Eyevan Danenberg (Petres gym).

April 11 2016 the Martial Kids of Baas Sports Curacao did exam.
The exams contains safety tips, self defense release techniques, techniques of kickboxing and other fighting systems, but also tests for the response, static balance, dynamic balance and other physical aspects. Besides the physical aspects, attention is paid to self-confidence, discipline and respect. Because children learn self defense techniques to defend them effectively. This will increase their confidence; the children feel safer and dare to stand up for themselves.
Congratulations to all graduates, who received their certificate.
White; Jewel-Anne Candelaria, Diordan Symor, Myhkado de Jonker. Yellow; Ri-J Dijksteel, Oscar Cannister, Ciro Cornelisse, Julia v.d. Wal, Lola van Megesen, Nova Wijker, Ajeandro Rafaela, Jaydon Dania. Orange; Vincent Bakker, Zidane Candelaria, Allyssa Gagnon. Green; Kiran Winterberg. Red; Dyhzion de Jonker

Team S.T.E.A.L.L., Jermaine Seymonson and Guillermo Seymonson @ Curacao.
Edwin Baas met Guillermo in February 2015 in The Netherlands and Jermaine came in May 2015 to Curacao, to participate at Fighters of the Caribbean, organized by Baas Sports Curacao. He won his boxing bout.
S.T.E.A.L.L. stands for Smile, Train, Elevate and Love, Life. This name originated from the always cheerful and positive lifestyle of Jermaine and Guillermo.
May 7th 2016 Bootcamp & Boxing workout @ Parasasa beach (also known as “Sonesta beach” near WTC) and May 11 2016 STEALL @ Baas Sports Curacao.

Baas Sports Curacao in preparation for the Curacao Boxing Battle.

Jerichson Vlijtig from Baas Sports will make his ring debut.

11 years long there had not been a pro-boxing in Curacao, but this changed on June 18 2016. This day CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) organized "A Tribute to Muhammad Ali" in Sala Errol Rooi (SDK). Next to a lot of amateur boxing bouts there was a professional boxing bout.
Milangelo Eugenio, a Caribbean Muay Thai champion, won in the 4th round Justin Gogulski in his 5th pro-boxing bout. Gogulski already fought 4 pro-boxing bouts, 2 in Aruba and 2 in Sint Maarten. The photos below are from 2012, in that time Milangelo Eugenio and Justin Gogulski trained together at Baas Sports. For years they trained together, but now this was not the case anymore, the fight between them was possible.
The professional boxing bout was also made possible by support of Frank Gressman (also standing in the one of the pictures below) of the professional boxing association.
Daniel Boya from Baas Sports was one of the youth amateur boxers.
At the elite (18+) Jerichson Vlijtig from Baas Sports made a great ring debut. He won Johnathan de Wind (Kamakura) by RSC 2nd round.
The amateur program was closed with the election for the trophy for the most outstanding boxer.
The 16 years young lightweight Tyrique Brown from Baas Sports Curacao was declared as “most outstanding boxer”, because of his great performance and boxing skills.
He won by unamious decision (all judges scored 30-27) Keon Brodie from Attaf Fighting Factory.
Edwin Baas, president of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association), would like to thank FDOK (Federashon Deporte i Olimpiko Korsou) for the subsidy and all other people / organizations that made these competitions possible.

A-class kickboxer and MMA Champion Clayton Henriquez from Angelo Meola gym Enschede trained during his vacation at Baas Sports Curacao and also gave a guest training.
The first row (see pics) above are from 2013 in The Netherlands, Italy, Russia (Clayton fought all over the world) and with his European Championship belt K-1.

Hannes Schneider, was in July in Curacao with his family for vacation, Hannes is a qualified boxing instructor of the Dutch Boxing Federation NBB (Nederlandse Boks Bond). He gives training in boxing @ Gym Haarlem, the school of Riduan El Assrouti, and also outdoor with his New Sport Challenge.
Pic above at the left is from Aruba 2014, when Edwin Baas was in Aruba where Maurits Hennen had a boxing bout (he won). Hannes was also in Aruba with his family for vacation. The pic above at the rightis taken at Gym Haarlem, a school with a lot of great fighters.
Saturday July 30 Hannes gave a special boxing training @ Parasasa Beach. Photo's below by Jourandy Alexander.

Rachid Belhadji, who was on vacation in Curacao, gave refreshment training to the referees and judges CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation).
Rachid Belhadji is, despite his young age, a very experienced referee of the WMTA (Word Muay Thai Association) and Section Ring Contact Sports FOG (Federation of Martial Arts), a NOC * NSF approved organization for Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts .
Edwin Baas, who acts as judge and referee for the above organizations, when he is in the Netherlands, is in this area therefore a colleague of Rachid.
During the refreshment training many practical issues were discussed and case studies introduced on the basis of demonstration competitions by Kevin Scharvaai and Eva van Baalen, two fighters of Baas Sports.
All participants thought it was a very successful exercise.
In the photo below from left to right; Edward Martis, Reijer Teitsma, Chinka Olario, Kwame Nzeako, Edwin Baas, Rachid Belhadji, Willem Falter, Kevin Scharbaai, Jonathan Symor and Gilbert Girigori.

Rachid in action as referee.

With the Olympic athletes sprinter Churandy Martina and boxer Enrico La Cruz. Churandy Martina is well-known. For the ones that don't know Enrico La Cruz yet. The 23 years young Enrico, whose father is from Curaçao, made history during the Olympics a month ago. In Rio de Janeiro Brazil he won Lai Chu-En from Taiwan and this led to the long-awaited comeback of Dutch boxing on the Olympic podium (Dutch boxers were in Barcelona in 1992 for the last time active at the Olympics, when Orhan Delibas won the silver medal).
Enrico La Cruz won the 1st place at the Felix Stamm Boxing Tournament in Warschau. October 28th Enrico La Cruz won in the semifinals Mateusz Ptasinki (Poland) by an unanimous decision (3-0) and October 29th in the final he won Carnik Haratyunyan (Armenia) also unanimous (3-0).
Enrico won also the Dutch title after this tournament.

The special boxing training by Hüsnü Kocabaş, September 22 2016 @ Baas Sports was a big success.
After the Kids training (12 years and younger) by Palmira Baas, Husnu gave a motivational speech to the kids.
After this speech Husnu gave a great technical and tactical boxing training.
Hüsnü was in Curaçao to learn, as instructor of the Royal Military Police, the army arrest and self-defense techniques.
Hüsnü Kocabaş has a lot of experience with nearly 300 boxing bouts. 12 times, 12 years long, he was Dutch champion. To have more opponents and more bouts, he also boxed in Germany, where he became five times champion and he also became champion of Turkey. Hüsnü won many international prices including gold at the Kings Cup in Bangkok, Thailand and gold during the Military World Championships. In November 2011 Kocabas boxed his farewell bout with a victory over China.
During the world championships of 2009 in Milan Italy, Hüsnü (who represented The Netherlands) helped Edwin Baas in the corner of Benjey Zimmerman who put the Netherlands Antilles on the map. See pic and also in the pics Orhan Ozturk and World Champion Pro-boxing Rafik Rafael Harutjunjan.

Just like in May Jermaine Seymonson and Guillermo Seymonson from Team S.T.E.A.L.L. gave training @ Baas Sports (October 17, 19 and 20), a Street work-out (October 22) @ Wilhelminaplein Punda and a beach work-out (October 23).
Another instructor that joined Jermaine and Guillermo is Kataqua and Aquafitness instructor Hubert Lourens, who is born and raised in Curacao. With Hubert STEALL gave Caribbean work-outs & Aqua Latino in the swimming-pole of Saint Tropez.

Millis was born in Curacao where he started with Taekwondo under supervision of the Korean grandmaster Cho.
In 1987 he moved to The Netherlands where he started a Taekwondo school and became Chief Referee in Taekwondo.
Next to 7th dan Taekwondo, Prens is also specialized in Hapkido (Black belt 5th dan) and in Systema.
The last years he lives in Ecuador where he runs a Martial Arts school and teaches Systema to Special Forces like the police.
Edwin Baas knows Millis since 1992 when he was active in the Taekwondo sport.

October 27th. Baas Sports gave great exhibitions @ Punda Thursday Vibes organized by Fundashon Desaroyo Deportivo Kòrsou - FDDK.
The audience was great with the clients of De Sgr Groep Fundashon Verriet and our champion Mr. Positive Churandy Martina who received the key of the city at this event.
From left to right: Humbertico Grotestam, Jowi Adriana, Nico Nico, mr. Positive Churandy Martina, Ray Maharaj, Edwin Baas, Tyrique Brown.

CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) presented "The noble art of Boxing".
Saturday November 12 2016 @ Sala Errol Rooi - SDK (Sentro Deportivo di Korsou) Brievengat.

Danny Noor (48 kg 16 yr) Kamakura Gym Curacao won (points) Joazyer Zwerver (46 kg 16 yr) Pro-fit

Joey Gogulski (53 kg 16 yr) Pro-fit Curacao MartialArts won (points) Errivensley Manzana (51 kg 16 yr) Curacao Selfmade Fighting Team

Tyrique Brown (57 kg 16 yr) Baas Sports won (2nd round TKO) Calvin Braaf (59 kg 18 yr) Bonaire

Dxiane Ogenia (68 kg 17 yr) Raul Franciska Fighting Club won (points) Jonathan de Wind (68 kg 18 yr) Kamakura

Maryn v.d. Sikke (66 kg 18 yr) Pro-fit won (points) Joraidel Jones (66 kg 17 yr) Curacao Selfmade Fighting Team

Exhibition: Davino de Palm Franciska Fighting Club vs Jermaine Gogulski Pro-fit

Exhibition: Grego Scharbaai (72 kg 18+) Baas Sports Curacao vs Timothy Domacasse (75 kg 18+) Bonaire (this was an exhibition bout because Grego Scharbaai was way more experienced)

Thai boxing Exhibition: Eva van Baalen (67 kg 18+) Baas Sports vs Redferne Regales (66 kg 18+) Baas Sports/Red Hawk

Humbertico Grotestam (65 kg 18+) Baas Sports won (points) Shaydriyon Cicilia (65 kg 18+) Bonaire

Kevin Scharbaai (66 kg 18+) Baas Sports won (points) Kurt Neuman (66 kg 18+) Attaf Fighting Factory

The big trophy for the most outstanding boxer went just like in June this year at "Tribute to Muhammad Ali" to the only 16 years young Tyrique Brown.

The organization would never have been possible without the financial support of Federashon Deporte I Olimpiko Korsou - FDOK, thank you.
Edwin Baas, president of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association), wants to thank behalf of the Board all the participating boxers, teams (especially Team Bonaire), all officials, ring announcer Mario Marques, DJ Lonchi Mayron Juliana, all volunteers and everyone that helped but not mentioned.

The current kickboxing world champion welterweight Eyevan Danenberg (Petres Gym) at Baas Sports Curacao.
Another special guest in the picture is Luigi Kwas.

In 2016 there were also a lot of fighting friends with Curacao roots successful. To mention two of them, Felisinio Sambre and Brandon Fos.
Felisinio Sambre became in March 2016 Dutch youth champion in Thai boxing -56 kg.
In the semifinals Felisinio won of Jaoudi Chiadmi in the 2nd round and in the finals he won Jahan Mahiany.
Felisinio now has a record of 18 fights, 15 wins and 3 losses. He trains under supervision of Milton Felter at Team Slamm / The Big Lab Amsterdam.
Photo in the middle Edwin Baas during a visit to this center in October 2015 with next Felisinio and Milton Felter (rear), top fighter D'Angelo Marshall. The photo on the left is also the father of Felisinio Felix Sambre. Felisinio is grandson of former boxer Humberto Panneflek.
Nice details. Exactly two years ago, Felisinio promised at his grandmother's deathbed to do his best in school and sports. This victory he dedicated to his deceased grandmother (see picture on the right).

In November Brandon Fos won the first price of the future fights 70 kg Thai-boxing tournament.
In the semifinal he won Adnane Belghani after the 4th round and in the final Brandon won Zobier Abdelaoui.
Brandon who trains in Almere at Day's gym is a semi-professional (B-class) with a record of 12 wins and only 1 loss.
The photos of this tournament are made by Randy Heyer of Ringstars.nl
The photo left below is taken earlier this year when Brandon was in Curacao and trained at Baas Sports.

1 and 2 October 2016, world's most powerful men compete in the Strongman Champions League at Mambo Beach Curaçao.
1st place Jimmy Paquet (Canada), 2nd place Dainis Zageris (Latvia), 3rd place Alex Noonen (The Netherlands), 4th place world’s strongest man of 2015 Kzysytof Radzikowski (Poland), 5th Enzo Tauro (Italy), 6th Joachim Gustavsson (Sweden), 7th Marcos Ferrari (Brazil), 8th Dan Harrison (USA), 9th Simon Sulaiman (Syria), 10th Marionchelo Soleana and Alex Wardekker (both Curacao).

We climbed the Christoffel several times.
Lecture @FDOK. December 4th FDOK Kaminata "Hasi deporte limpi, Bisa NO na doping".

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