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The year 2012 was for Baas Sports Curacao again a very successful year with many wins at home and abroad.

Suriël Fairon Ursino Hooker, born in Curacao (1984), visited and trained @ Baas Sports Curacao. In 2010 Suriel became A-class Boxing Champion of The Netherlands (NBB Nederlandse Boks Bond) in middleweight (69-75 kg). April 3 ne also won the final four after beating Severiano Rijssel and in the final he won Fawed Feizi. April 17 he won the Bundesliga in Poland. October 15 he won in Germany a heavier (83 kg) opponent and October 28-30 Suriel his 44 victory in Austria by winning Krisztian Horvath (Hongary). His record is now 44 wins, 17 losses and 2 draws.

January 14 2012 @ the grappling tournament "Win by submission" organized by Medina Grappling, there were four weight classes and in every division there was a price winner from Baas Sports.
Under 67 kg Franklin Cox won the 3rd place after a nice victory. Jermaine Gogulski also became 3rd but in the weight class 68-73 kg. Mohamed Hussein had no opponents in his weight -84 kg and competed in the division -93 kg where he won the first prize. Rob Goguslki shared the 1st prize in the heavyweight division.
March 17 2012 Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) won Cesar Geerman (Aruba) by 1st round submission @ MMA Extreme Fighting Championships Aruba.

May 1 2012 referee courses @ the police academy (Skol di Polis Rio Canario) by head referee Glen Huisman and head judge Tim van Duijn from the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) for CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation). A part of the course was leading competitions. Kickboxing: 1. Leroy Breeschoten 2. Justin do Rego. MMA: 1. Franklin Cox 2. Joel Adriana 3. Jonathan Martins Pereira 3.Welton Angelica

The 3rd edition of "Fighters of the Caribbean" took place May 5 2012.
After the opening ceremony the night started off with a ladies fights. Zianni Fluonia (Baas Sports Curacao) won her opponent from Suriname. This was followed by several victories for the kickboxers from Sint Maarten and Martinique. Clinton Esprit (Bob Esprit gym Curacao) also impressed with a victory over Aruba.
The first part of the fight program was concluded by a true show of Lucha Libre. Sheik Alito and Bas van Kunder demonstrated professional wrestling skills and entertained the audience.
Full Force entertained the crowd with a sparkling performance of five rap songs.
After this, the second part of the fight card started with Joost Mulder (Baas Sports) who won his Aruban opponent by KO (knockout).
In the B-class there were victories for Ferdinand Philips (Sint Maarten) and Dimitri Priam (Martinique).
In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports Curacao) knocked out his oponent from Sint Maarten in in the first round.
Milangelo Eugenio (Baas Sports Curacao) won the A-class title fight for the Caribbean champion belt of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) after a very technical fight over the full five rounds of three minutes.
Dudley Josepa, former World Champion Karate and President of CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation) handed over the champion belt.
Glen Huisman and Tim van Duijn of WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) came from The Netherlands to Curacao to supervise the fight and they also gave a (refreshment)course to the officials of CUMAFE a few days before the event.

May 30 2012 the boxers from Baas Sports were very succesfull with victories for Jason Gogulski, Leroy Breeschoten, Justin Do Rego, Franklin Cox and Justin Gogulski. Justin Gogulski also won the Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett trophy.
There was also a nice Thaiboxing exhibition fight by Danny van der Veen and Joost Mulder, both from Baas Sports. See more Godett trophy May 30

June 16 2012 Sandro Martis got after a year absence back in the ring for a Thai Boxing match in Leeuwarden. He won in a very convincing match Robert Rozenboom from Mike's Gym, the famous gym where Badr Hari, Melvin Manhoef and a lot of great champions train.
Sandro began with Thai-kickboxing in Curacao at Edwin Baas and now lives in the Netherlands where he trains at gym Aihato. Before this come-back Sandro was in Curacao and trained at Baas Sports.
Sandro is fighting in the class -82.55 kg and now has a record of 11 fights, including 8 wins, 2 loss and 1 draw.

July 21 2012 kickboxing competitions organized by No Limit Team.
Franklin Cox (Baas Sports Curacao) won by TKO 3rd round.
Kelvin Drop (Baas Sports Curacao) won by TKO 2nd round.
The trophy for the fastest Knock Out was won by Tico Grotestam, who won by TKO in the 1st round.
Chandruth Gosepa fought a great debut and fought to the end. Unfortunately he lost on points, but it was a good experience. Gilbert "Papito" Girigorie sprained his foot early in the bout, but still he finished the fight.

September 22 2012 the 2nd edition of “Curacao Rumble” took place.
Besides the competitions in boxing, Thai-kickboxing and MMA there was a professional wrestling match (Lucha Libre) between Sheik Alito and Bas van Kunder.
Baas Sports Curacao was very successful. Only 1 of the 9 participating fighters from Baas Sports lost his fight and that only loss was a split decision.

The program started with a Full Contact exhibition. Milangelo Eugenio (Baas Sports) fought 2 rounds vs Porres Sarabia (Baas Sports), 3 rounds vs Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) and 3 rounds vs Daniel Schoop (Thai Flying Dragon).

In Thai-kickboxing there were victories for Chandruth Gosepa (Baas Sports), Anthomar Lodowica (Defy Limits) and Clinton Esprit (Bob Esprit gym). The fight of Joost Mulder (Baas Sports) ended in a “no contest”, because of a cut.

In boxing there were victories for Justin do Rego (Baas Sports), Kevin Lee (Aruba), Jose Gregorio Manares (Venezuela) and Sidney Maccow (Sint Maarten).

In MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) there were victories for Franklin Cox (Baas Sports), Jenco Maduro (World Class Jiu Jitsu), Rob Gogulski (Baas Sports) and Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports).
Franklin Cox (Baas Sports) won his MMA fight by unanimous decision.

Rob Gogulski (Baas Sports) won his pro MMA fight by submission.

Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) won Juan Villanueva (Venezuela) by submission and also he won the “King of Rumble” trophy.

Averon Gleijsteen, who trained in August and September 2012 at Baas Sports Curacao won October 20 2012 Bilal Talbi in Rhoon. After this fight Averon fought a draw against Anass Berrazouk and won the following opponents; Nabil el Mansouri, Karim Bouramtane (Spain), Ivan Freidenberg in Aachen (Germany) and Dominque Wagner.

Sandro (right) won Sabas Sitselaar in Emmen by knock-out in the 3rd round. Martis has a fighting record of 12 fights, including 9 wins, 2 loss and 1 draw.

On the boxing program in Saba, October 27 2012, there were four bouts including an exhibition between two boxers from Sint Maarten.
Leroy Breeschoten, 62.1 kg age 14, from Baas Sports Curacao won by TKO 2nd round Donald Hassell, 64.1 kg age 15, from Saba.
Kevin Lee from Aruba won Enoch Charles from Saba.
In the main bout Porres Sarabia from Baas Sports Curacao faced the local favorite and undefeated Shamiel Levenstone from Saba. Levenstone had the home advantage but Sarabia landed the clear shots

November 10 2012 Fierce & Furious 2 in St. Maarten with participating countries: Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Aruba, Venezuela, Saint Martin (French part), Sint Maarten (Dutch part) and Curacao, represented by Porres Sarabia from Baas Sports with his coach Edwin Baas.

Edwin Baas is very proud of his fighters who participated at the grappling championships.
The goal was to get experience, but the results were better than expected.
16 years young Miguel Martinez battled with Welton Angelica and the even younger (13) Rojerney Silie had the 18 years old David Hawker as opponent. Team Hussein won.
Denzel Maria, 17 years and 73 kg, won Mikey Indio Nova Ganga from Gracie Barra/Medina Grappling, but lost the final against Francis de Windt.
Dylan Goilo, 15 years and 65 kg, fought a draw against Joey Maduro from Gracie Barra/Medina Grappling. Both fighters shared the 1st place in their catogory.
Gerald Girigori, 18 years and 124 kg fought a draw against Anton van Meeteren from Gracie Barra/Medina Grappling. Both fighters shared the 1st place in their category.
In the main event Mohamed Hussein won after extra time from Ray Koeijers.
For Jonathan Symor there was no opponent.
In de ochtend/voormiddag vond Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kids plaats waarbij medailles werden gewonnen door Aemil Palm, Roy, Nick, Mike en Joyce van Heugten.
Team Baas Sports Curacao in 2012.

Picture below guest training by Peter Gonzc.
Peter Goncz in 2006 from Hungary to Thailand to train the original style of Thaiboxing called Muay Chaiya Boran. This style of Muay Thai is known by the movie Ong Bak with Tony Jaa.
He opened his own training camp in Koh Samui Thailand to teach this ancient style of martial arts and is also traveling around the world to spread the knowledge.
At the Championship of CABA (Curacao Amateur Boxing Association) December 15 2012 @ International School of Curacao all six boxers from Baas Sports that participated won and became champion.
Justin do Rego won by retirement in the second round.
Jowi Adriana won on points with unanimous decision.
Leroy Breeschoten won by RSC (referee stops contest) in the first round
Javier Janzen won on points majority decision
Jason Gogulski won on points unanimous decision
Franklin Cox won by retirement in the third round
Justin Gogulski and Joost Mulder did an exhibition in Thai-kickboxing.

I already mentioned a lot of guests, that visited and trained at Baas Sports in 2012, but there were a lot more. I can not forget to mention and place pictures of; Marcelo Copra, Cedrick Copra, Martijn Mulder, Nestor Zimmerman, Shanice Josefina and A-class Thai Boxer Nestor Zimmerman has a record of more than 50 fights. He started in Curacao under supervision of John Lobato. In 2001 he went to The Netherlands, where he joined Ling Ho, the fight club of John de Ling.

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