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Summary 2013 (In the year 2013 a lot happened and a lot of pictures have been taken. For this reason, the photos in the photo galleries are very small).
In 2013 the athletes of Baas Sports Curacao were very successful at different events in Curacao and also in the exterior like Aruba, Suriname, The Netherlands and Sint Maarten.

The first edition of Dominance was February 23 2013 with 7 Kickboxing and 5 MMA fights.
The main event was scheduled on 5 rounds of 5 minutes for the Light heavyweight 185-205 lbs (-93 kg) title belt Pro-MMA between Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein from Baas Sports Curacao and the undefeated MMA fighter Tija "The Nuclear MooSe" Stanley from St. Kitts. Both fighters won almost all their fights in the first round. Tija Stanley became Caribbean MMA heavyweight champion in 2012 by defeating Joel "The Beast" Ramphal (Trinidad & Tobago) and defended his belt by winning Bajan Kirk Goddard (Barbados). In London England he defeated Martin Lay within 36 seconds. August 4 Stanley won in 40 seconds a pro MMA fight in London England @ Ultimate Cage Contenders. November 16 Stanley won Elvis (Hervick) "Caradura" Martinez in pro MMA @ Octagon Venezuela.
There were 4 local kickboxing fights with victories for Jason Gogulski (Baas), Reuel Kowsoleea (Attaf), Grego Scharbaai (Baas) and Joachim Walle (Attaf).
The results of the international kickboxing fights were; Thierry Goeloe (Franciska Fighting Club) won David-Lee Winklaar (Bonaire), Clinton Esprit (Bob Esprit gym) won Dillon Waterberg (Suriname) and Joshua Karsters (Suriname) won Anthomar Lodowica (Defy Limits).
In local MMA fights there were victories for Clairon Marcos (Team Punishment), Franklin Cox (Baas Sports) and Welton Angelica (Team Hussein).
in the international MMA fights Jose Borrome (Venezuela) won Nezar Regales (Attaf) and Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) won Tija Stanley (St. Kitts).

Harmen Bakker from the popular website Mixfight.nl visited Baas Sports. Click here for the link to Mixfight on tour @ Baas Sports Curacao.

May 4, @ AFC (Aruba Fighting Championships), Lutciano Zimmerman (Baas Sports Curacao) won his MMA debut. A week before this fight he fought a main event Thaiboxing in Suriname. Video

May 30 2013 there were victories for the following boxers from Baas Sports Curacao; Justin Do Rego, Leroy Breeschoten, Jowi Adriana and Argenio Pieters, who as most outstanding boxer also won the Wilson Papa Godett Trophy.

June 1 2013 top athletes like Jemyma Betrian and Royce Gracie gave seminars @ the Curaçao Sport and Nutrition Fair, organized by Incredible Nutrition and More (INM) at the WTC (World Trade Center) of Curaҫao.
Edwin Baas received a recognition and appreciation for devotion and commitment. “It’s always nice to receive an awarding and especially when you receive this from the hands of living legend Royce Gracie. Thanks INM. Also thanks Jemyma Betrian for the nice words.”
In the night "Curacao Here comes the Boom" with on the program Celebrity boxing (DJ R01 vs DJ Carlito, Amos Balentin vs Ephrem J, Gianni Francisca vs Monifa Jansen, Maarten Schakel vs Tony Castro) and 8 Thai-kickboxing and 2 MMA fights with participation of Venezuela, The Netherlands, Bonaire, 3 teams from Aruba (Team Nedd, Dojo Boye and StayThai Fit) and 7 teams from Curacao (Baas Sports, Thai Flying Dragon, Franciska Fighting Club, Kibra Hacha, Extreme Limits Gym, Team Steenrijk, Raul Martial Arts). Baas Sports had 4 fighters that participated.
Nick van Heugten (11) won his first fight, Leroy Breeschoten (15) won his first kickboxing fight , and Denzel Maria (17) won his first MMA Fight.
Milangelo Eugenio lost but this was not a shame, because he faced the young but experienced Jernildo Kersout (The Netherlands) in the A-class.
Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) was ready but because the airline DAE cancelled all flights from Suriname on May 31 and June 1st, his opponent could not come. The last fight of the night, MMA Pro, was won by Carlos Salazar (Venezuela).

Dominance "Curacao vs The World", June 22 2013 started with 6 K-1 rules fights but the opponent of Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports Curacao) fell out at the last moment. The first fight was Stephan Henriette (Team Hussein) vs David-Lee Winklaar (Bonaire). This was a great fight won on close decision by Henriette. Other victories on K-1 rules were for; Rion Rijker (Baas Sports Curacao/KB Groningen Netherlands) Video, Welton Angelica (Team Hussein), Georgio Pelswijk (Simson gym Suriname) and Martin Joseph (Trinidad & Tobago).
After the break there were 6 International MMA fights with victories for David Hawker (Team Hussein Curacao), Mitch Hunner (USA/ Baas Sports Curacao), Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago), Juan Vilanueva (Venezuela), Jean Marc Howell (Aruba) and Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports/ Team Hussein Curacao).
In the main event of the night Robert McCarthy (Jamaica) started the fight with hard punches that connected well. Hussein answered these punches with a strong left hook that knocked McCarthy down and referee had to stop the fight. Which resulted in Mohamed Hussein winning in the first round by KO. He received the winnerstrophy from Mr. Apy Echteld, who was sent to Curacao for this event by the WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association). Video Dominance 2 "Curacao vs The World"

@ The Netherlands.
June 29 2013 YDK Kevin Heyer (Days) won Andy John in Almere by TKO in the 2nd round. Februari 2nd 2013 Kevin returned to the ring after more than a year. In the youth class he could not find opponents, so he had to leave the youth class. With 16 years young he returned to the adult’s class. He won YDK Rudsel Zinhagel. April 7 2013 Kevin won Terence Rijsenbrij, who had a record 21 fights and former Dutch champion. September 7 @ Dangerzone Kevin won the 1st place of a tournament with 3 victories in 1 night.
July 7 2013, @ Golden Glory Helmond The Netherlands, Nick Van Heugten and Roy van Heugten won their kickboxing fights. Nick Van Heugten (Baas Sports Curacao) 12 year 32 kg won Leroy Lourensen (Golden Glory Helmond) 12 year 32 kg. Roy van Heugten (Baas Sports Curacao) 10 year 29 kg won Mike van Loosbeek (Errol Parris) 10 year 29 kg.
July 8 2013 Reunion training @ MT Gym Haarlem (special thanks) with ex-students and friends of Baas. Participants came from Haarlem, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Breda, Utrecht, Lelystad, Almere, Hoorn, Zaandam, Amsterdam, Halfweg, Alkmaar, etc.
Present were Apy Echteld, Hamid el Kandousi, Faouzi Elkandousi, Samantha Baas, Naoufal El-Hamchaoui, Jim Rijkschroeff, Chellina Chirino, Shaffairo Bart, Koos Broekhof, Marcel Takken, Peter Reffeltrath, Arno Hermans, Ad van der Hijden, Jafar Hoseyni, Khalid Elaater, Anouare Farhat, Mohamed El Aater, John Bawits, Stijn Braams, Ruud Hardjokoesoemo, Junior, Khalid Redouani, Virgil Bawits, Stephen Liu, Giovanni Liu, Joost Mulder, Shanice Josefina, Jamal el Otmani, Giwanni Schaap, Michel Renirie, Alperen Cilgin, Jop Schwalbach, Jesse Schwalbach.
Also in the pic Dennis Rock, Robin Dissel, Luigi Kwas, Alex Cheng, Boubkar Belkasmi, Ruud Hillenaar, Mike Welch, Roland Sandvliet, Clayton Henriquez, Angelo Meola, Peter Teysse, Cedric Manhoef, Danny van der Wijck, Abdel Hamid El Meddioui, Reno Mooyweer, Ibrahim El Bouni, Riduan El Assrouti, Noureddine Belhaj, Kevin Heyer, Clyde Brunswijk, Ropie Adriaans, Dayon Mungroe, Sjef Weber, Errol Parris, Fam. van Heugten.

July 28 2013 Clayton Henriquez won a MMA fight in the cage in Torri del Benaco Italy. Clayton won the Italian Pierdomenico Nico by submission (Triangle Choke). Clayton also won Dimitri Angelini by KO in MMA. And in kickboxing Clayton won Ramon Niamat October 12 and a fighter from Germany November 24. On the picture left: Clayton Henriquez with Edwin Baas and his trainer Angelo Meola from Angelogym Enschede.

Curacao Amateur Boxing Association (CABA) @ "The Battle of the islands" Sint Maarten August 30 2013. Djadja Camelia and Wilfred Camelia form Kibra Hacha Curacao). Leroy Breeschoten, Jason Gogulski and Argenio Pieters from Baas Sports Curacao.Coaches; Rines Rojer, Rob Gogulski and Edwin Baas.
Edwin Baas in Ring Sports Magazine # 135 October 2013
October 5 2013 Grego Scharbaai from Baas Sports made his MMA debut at "A new era" from ICW (International Cage Warriors).
Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein from Baas Sports won his 9th victory by submission (armbar) in the 1st round. Video
Other results of the international pro MMA fights; Terron Diaz (Trinidad & Tobago) won Jose Reyes (Aruba), Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago) won Welton Angelica (Curacao), Cleon Bardowell (Jamaica) won Jeremiah Dijkhoff (Aruba), Jean Marc Howell (Aruba) won Jenco Maduro (Curacao), Robert McCarthy (Jamaica) won Tija Stanley (St.Kitts), Oscar Sosa (Dominican Republic) won Anthony Ignacio (Aruba).

November 9 2013 there was a big amount of boxing bouts organized by CABA. Baas Sports participated with 11 boxers and won nine 1st prices. The winners from Baas Sports Curacao were; Jason Gogulski, Justin Do Rego, Grego Scharbaai, Argenio Pieters, Denzel Maria, Tico Grote Stam, Leroy Breeschoten, Janice Breeschoten and Nataly Ogenio. Video

Exhibition at public library November 22 2013.
At Dominance 3 'Go Hard Or Go Home' on November 30 2013, Mohamed Hussein (20 years and total 10 amateur and pro fights) faced his toughest and best opponent he ever had. Evan Nedd with a MMA record of 25 Professional MMA fights with 20 victories, 17 by knock-out. Besides this great MMA record Nedd holds an incredible record in Pro-Boxing with 6 victories, Olympic boxing and undefeated in Thai-kickboxing. Evan also fights in the USA and trains in the USA at the Blackzilians with great champions like Rashad Evans, Tyrone Spong, Anthony Johnson and Alistair Overeem.
In kickboxing there were victories for Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports), Davidlee Winklaar (Bonaire) and Clinton Esprit (Franscisca Fighting Club).
In MMA there were victories for Olanda Raply (Thai Flying Dragon), David Hawker (Team Hussein), Denzel Maria (Baas Sports), Welton Angelica (Team Hussein), Nezar Regales (Attaf Fighting Factory) and Evan Nedd (Aruba). Video

Some of the guests @ Baas Sports Curacao in 2013.
1st row; Dennis Rock, Chofie Balijn, Willem Gerlach, Edmond Lodowica
2nd row; Naoufal el Hamchaoui, Judah Willems, Harmen Bakker
3rd row; Ivo Nijenhuis, Ibrahim Sellak, Leon van Wely, Joost Mulder, Sem Klein, Nestor Zimmerman.

Curacao Fighters, who lives in The Netherlands, were also very successful in the year 2013 (information and results in 2013 that are missing, will be added as soon as possible).

Ladies first.
Jemyma Betrian won April 4 in USA Marcela Soto (Costa Rica) by 1st round KO (30 seconds) and the World Champion title of the WBC. May 11 in Karlsruhe (Germany) Jemyma won Anika Kurzer (Germany) by 2nd round TKO and became European Champion Pro-Boxing. November 23 Jemyma won Katia Semail (France, Brizon Gym Riom) in Riom (France) and became European Champion Muay-Thai.

Denise Kielholtz won February 17 Cristina Morales (Spain) and won the European title. April 13 Denise won the world title of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) by defeating the Slovac Lucia Krajcovic. June 29 juni Denise won Christi Bereton in London 2 Enfusion Live.

Maritzarda Hersisia made a successful come-back in October with an A-class fight. The Benelux Sanda Pro champion has 33 fights with 25 wins (9 by KO) and only 8 losses.

Kristen St.Jago had 3 victories in Thai-kickboxing. February 17 she won Kenza Bolsius, October 12 she won Marieke Benschop and December 7 Kristen won Branka Illieski.

Thai-kickboxing Champion Tisha Balentien made in 2013 the switch to highest division (A-class) of Olympic boxing. March 3 Tisha won in Hamburg Marie Maciejewski from Germany, July 2 Tisha won at the EU Championships Monika Gal from Hungary by RSC. October Tisha won the 1st price @ Queens Cup boxing in Stralsund Germany. In the semifinal she won Mria Jugiello (Poland) and in the final Tisha won Marie Maciejewski (Ger). Tisha was also awarded as best fighter of the tournament. Tisha also participated at the World Championships in Bulgary. October 27 Tisha won Felicitas Vogt(Germany).

April 6 2013 Chellina Chirino became European Youth Champion. Chelina holds 5 Champion title belts and has a record of 25 fights, 15 wins, 3 losses, 7 draw. September 7 Chellina won the UMC (Undisputed Muay-Thai Council) belt @ Dangerzone. Her little brother Shaffairo Bart was also successful and won in February, June and September his matches.
Egmond aan Zee, March 16 2013. Cesar Gonzalez won at "Fight For Victory" his MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fight against Jan Jonk. Cesar trains at Roemer Trompert R-Grip Amsterdam.
Leek, March 24 2013 Sandro Martis won by Knock-out from Vasyl Babukhivskyy (K1 Peter Aerts Dojo). Sandro Martis started with Thai-kickboxing in Curacao at Edwin Baas and now lives in Holland, where he trains at Aihato. Sandro is B-class (semipro) with a record of 14 fights, 10 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw.
September 21 2013 Judah Willems won at “Unleashed” his MMA fight. He defeated Julian Graco from Belgium by submission in the second round. Judah trains at Gert-Jan Bruinsma Team G-Force Heerlen.

D'Angelo Marshall representing Curacao won the SuperKombat World Grand Prix III in Botoșani, Romania, September 28. But this was not the only victory. In 2013 D'Angelo had 7 fights and he won all 7. He won Bilal Essanoussi February 24, Patrick Veenstra KO round 2 May 25, Yengish Yegoian June 29, Giorgio dos Santos by KO round 1 August 8, Gaetan Saetron by KO round 4 and Giannis Stoforidis gewonnen KO round 3 September 28 and Pacome Assi by KO round 2 November 9.

Michell Adelina won the European title MMA titel in Letland by defeating Valts Vishnevskis, October 12. Before that Michell won Martin Egleby KO in April, draw vs Donovan Panaiotis in June and he won Anthony by TKO in August.

Kenneth Susanna won in February Said by KO, in April he won Niels Wilmink gewonnen, in May he knocked out Rob Kortik, in june he reached the final of a 8 men tournament but lost against Boustati, November 2 Kenneth won Rik van de Heuvel, November 16 he won Kalid Bakouri, December 7 he won in his first A class figt European champion Evgeniy Alekseev and December 27 he won in his 2nd A-class fight in Suriname Clyde Brunswijk. Kenneth has a record of 30 fights with 24 wins and only 6 losses.

Errol Zimmerman won @ Glory 11 in Chicago representing Curacao by knock-out in the 2nd round Hesdy Gerges.

October 14 pro-boxing Ben Bril Memorial in Carré Amsterdam. Suriel Hooker won in the semifinal in the 2nd round Rocky Grandjean. Joos Poulino won in the other semifinal Karapetyan, winner of 2012. In the final Suriel Hooker won Joos Poulino by medical intervention.

Lirou Pinedo won October 6 Robin Scholten and became champion of the North Netherlands. November 11 Lirou won Jan Smid. December 6 Lirou won Robin Scholten again, but this time by KO. This was at the Dutch Championships Boxing and Lirou won the bronze medal.

Averon Gleijsteen fought a draw against Anass Berrazouk February 24. Averon won Nabil el Mansouri March 23 and also he won Karim Bouramtane (Spain) May 26. Averon won Ivan Freidenberg in Aachen (Germany) July 8 and Dominque Wagner October 27.

After being released from prison, a man will have to fight his past to recover the love of his son.
After an accident in the world of illegal street fighting and gambling, Sandro is sentenced for 10 years in prison. He has to leave his one and only son Shendel behind. When Sandro is a free man again, all he wants is to recover the relationship with his son who is about to turn 20. What Sandro doesn’t know is that Shendel’s obsession with easy money has led him to follow his fathers footsteps into the world of underground fights, and that he doesn’t want anything to do with his father. In order to protect his son and win back his trust, Sandro will have to confront his toughest test yet.
Director : German Gruber Jr. Starring : Raul de Windt, Redferne Regales, Vale Croes, Brian Pietersz, Amos Balentien.

Despues di sali prizon, un homber lo mester bringa su pasado pa gana bek e amor di su yu.
Sandro ta sali prizon buskando pa drecha e relashon ku su uniko yu despues ku un aksidente den mundu di bringamentu ilegal a resulta den 10 aña di kastigu. Shendel, su yu, ta serka di hasi 20 aña i su opseshon ku sen fasil a hibé pa sigi e pasonan di su tata den e mundu di bringamentu ilegal. Pa proteha su yu i gana bek su konfiansa, Sandro lo mester konfronta su pelea mas difisil te ahinda.


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