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In 2015 Baas Sports organized another great edition of the international event "Fighters of the Caribbean". The fighters from Baas Sports were very successful at this event and did not loose one fight. They were also very successful at other events like the boxing event and King's land MMA.
Edwin Baas visited twice this year The Netherlands and we had a lot of special guests visiting us in Curacao.

Richel Hersisia, born in Curaçao (1974) and now living in The Hague The Netherlands, is a world champion pro-boxing of the WBF in the heavyweight division. He holds an excellent pro record of 32 victories (25 he won by Knock-Out) and only 3 losses. The 3 losses are no shame because they were against Audley Harrison (Gold medal winner at 2000 Olympics and world champion pro-boxing) from Great Brittan at Wembley Arena in London, Ray Mercer (former Olympic gold medalist and WBO heavyweight title holder) from the USA and WBA Champion Taras Bidenko from Ukrainian, Soviet Union. Richel fought all over the world, like Sweden, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland and also a couple of times in Curacao.

Rodney Faverus Glunder gave great clinics at Baas Sports Curacao and at the Navy base Parera in January 2015.
Rodney with the nicknames "The Silent Assassin" and "Klaar om te Bossen" is a Dutch-Surinamese professional Thai-kickboxer, pro MMA fighter, pro-boxer, professional wrestler, bodybuilder, trainer/coach and actor.
Edwin Baas has seen a lot of fights of Rodney and thinks the first time he saw one of his fights was June 1996 at the Mix Fight Night in Haarlem (that night Edwin's wife Palmira also fought and won by 1st round KO). Rodney won that night the Dutch Free Fight Champion Piet Bernzen.
And the last time Baas saw Rodney fight was in Sint Maarten, November 2011, where he defeated an Brittan opponent in a Thaiboxing fight.
Rodney is black belt in Kyokushin karate, black belt in Taekwondo, blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has about 100 fights in the ring/cage and won a lot of championship titles all over the world. He is multiple world champion. In MMA he won world titles of Cage Fighters Championships, RINGS, International Mixfight Association. In Kickboxing he won world titles of the IKBO, ISKA, UMC. Besides European and Dutch titles in Muay Thai, kickboxing, K-1 and MMA he won also the title European Champion Full Contact Karate.

Andrelton Simmons, Jemyma Betrian, Hensley Meulens & Jean Julien Rojer received January 5 the first four “Curaçao Sports Ambassador Awards”.
Jemyma "The Golden Girl" Betrian is multiple world champion and European Champion Muay Thai, European Champion Pro-Boxing and since August 2014 active in MMA. She won both MMA fights in the USA. More about Jemyma click here

February 2015 Edwin Baas made a “world travel” in The Netherlands, where he met a lot of friends, former training partners and ex-students.
Just like in 2013 Edwin Baas gave a reunion training February 6 2015 at the facility of MT Gym in Haarlem. Video

Baas was also a couple times judge for FOG (Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten) sectie Ring contactsporten. February 7 at "Raw Diamonds" in Almere, organized by Remy Bonjasky, and February 8 at "Brothers vs The rest" in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel, organized by Bap Tetteroo. Kenneth Susanna

Taekyon Haarlem, In de toelast, Gym Haarlem, MT gym, Eagle gym Haarlem, etc. Friends and old training mates marcel Takken, Boubkar Belkasmi, Murat Ilgen, Mustafa Mamnouh, etc. Manhoef Hoofddorp with Stijn Braams, Rodney Glunder, Lorenzo Anches and Arda Guncicek. Dennis Rock (Rock Gym Zaandam). Denis Sharoykin and Sander Nortan Top sport Alkmaar, Danny Aikibudo Amsterdam, Boksschool Houwaart The Hague.

Naarden-Bussum with Sven and Adie de Herdt from Van Stavast,
Taekwondo school Angelo Rosalia Utecht.
Groningen Baou Trieu with Earl Blijd, Carl Blijd, James Bergtop, Jonathan Paulina, Sandro Martis, Hillie, Mike and Justin Welch, etc.

April 10 during a combined press conference @ MMA Caribbean, the fight card of Fighters of the Caribbean was announced and the new boxing ring of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) was presented. The ring was financially made possible by FDOK (Federashon Deporte i Olympiko Korsou).
There were also exhibition bouts in boxing and kickboxing by the following fighters from Baas Sports; Tyrique Brown, Timothy Martis, Redferne Regales and Quentin Pieternella.

April 23 2015 the Martial Kids of Baas Sports Curacao did exam. Congratulations to all graduates.

@ Radio (Rock Korsou and Rumbera Network) and television (CBA "New day") May 2015.

The 5th edition of Fighters of the Caribbean took place May 9, 2015 in the International School of Curacao and was a big success.
The program contained 13 great fights, 4 boxing matches under supervision of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) and 9 Muay Thai Kickboxing fights under supervision of CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation). The main event was an official Caribbean title fight for the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) belt.
Participating teams were; Aruba, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Suriname, The Netherlands and from Curacao the following teams; Attaf Fighting Factory, Pro-Fit, Kamakura, CSM Fighting Team, Krava Maga Sports and Baas Sports. Baas Sports was very successful again and didn't lose a fight. Video

Kevin Scharbaai (Baas Sports) won Shardimar Ignatia (Attaf Fighting Factory) by TKO in the first round of a Muay Thai kickboxing fight. Video

Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports Curacao) was prepared for a Muay Thai kickboxing fight vs Jurman Liesdek (Suriname), but a day before the fight was noticed that Liesdek did not came to Curacao. In the same weight there was boxer Rubelly Brederode, son of former boxing champion Ruben La Cruz, who was prepared for a boxing match but his opponent got injured. So Grego switch to play a different game than he was prepared for and it became a great boxing match that ended in a draw. Video

Maurits Hennen (Baas Sports Curacao) won Thuersten Winklaar (Bonaire) on a very convincing way and took revanche. Video

Joshua Karsters (Suriname) won Akeem Lewis (Sint Maarten) and Caribbean WMTA title, but here will be a rematch for this fight because Karsters is not happy with the way he won the fight. Lewis who was undefeated in Muay Thai kickboxing with nine victories dislocated his arm from his shoulder and could not continue the fight. Video

Highlights of Boxing May 30 2015.
Kevin Scharbaai (Baas Sports) made an impressive win by unanimous decision over David Hawker (Attaf Fighting Factory). Video
Redferne Regales (Baas Sports) won not only Richard Koffie (Jab Jab Korsou) by unanimous decision, but also the big trophy for "most outstanding boxer". Video
The trophy of the KO of the night was won by Ruviendell Ong-a-kwie (CSM Fighting Team).

The referees and judges of CuraBox received in July 2015 training of highly experienced international referee James Beckles from Trinidad & Tobago.
Mr. Beckles is a 3 star Referee of AIBA and acted on major international tournaments like; the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 World Championships, 3 Pan Am Games, 3 CAC Games, Women's World Championships, World Youth Championship, Caribbean Championships, Pan American Championships, Pan Am Women's Championships, Olympic Qualifiers, etc.
The chairman of CuraBox Edwin Baas, was very enthusiastic about the training. "Mr. Beckles has great love for the sport of boxing and during his holidays he passes on his knowledge to others. In a short time we have really learned a lot from him. Especially practical tips such as; how a referee moves through".
Picture from left to right; Kwame Nzeako (back), Edward Martis (front), James Beckles, Jonathan Symor, Edmond Lodowica Edwin Baas, Willem Falter, Gilber Girigori.
Other guest in the pics; Michell Adelina, Denzel Maria, The Van Heugten Brothers (Roy, Nick, Mike), August Stomp, Dave Wefer, John Stephen Granville, Harmen Bakker, Justin do Rego, Giwanni Schaap.

July 2015, we had a special guest at Baas Sports Curacao.
Cedric Bacuna is YDK (Yiu di Korsou) who lives in Groningen and also trains in Amsterdam at Vos Gym. Cedric, fought more than 80 Muay Thai and kickboxing fights and won many great fighters, like the world champion Wanlop Sitpholek from Thailand. One of his highlights was in 2011 by winning the Championship belt of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) in the A-class -72,5 kg.
In the pictures; Cedric Bacuna with Edwin Baas @ Baas Sports Curacao July 2015, @ Aruba June 2008 and @ Vos Gym Amsterdam September 2010 (also with Orinta van der Zee). Victories over Benito Caupain (Curacao May 2008), Anthony Kane (Suriname August 2009), Anthony Fictorie in (Emmen 2009), Youssef Akhnikh (Beat Down Amsterdam January 2010), Rene Schick (Germany October 2010), Mohamed Abdelaim (Lelystad April 2011).

Special guest Sandro Martis. Sandro started with Thai-kickboxing @ Baas Sports Curacao by Edwin Baas before he left to The Netherlands. In Groningen he trains @ Aihato and is very succesful. Sandro has a record of 18 fights, 13 wins, 4 losses and 1 draw. The most fights he won by KO, also a lot of international fights.

Kevin Scharbaai from Baas Sports Curacao made a great MMA debut with a big victory October 3 2015 @ “King’s land”. Kevin won in the alternate bout all rounds and defeated Danny Matos Puello by unanimous decision. Video
Results of the tournament:
Michell Adelina (Curacao / The Netherlands) won Miguel Brinez (Venezuela) by TKO (Referee stoppage) 1st round
Jairzinho Kowsoleea (Curacao) won Dario Martinus (Bonaire) by submission 1st round
Jean Marc Howell (Aruba) won Anael Lopez (Dominican Republic) by unanimous decision
Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago) won Juan Rafael Campos (Venezuela) by unanimous decision
Semifinals: Kowsoleaa won Adelina by unanimous decision and Walkins won Howell by TKO (injury) 1st round
Final: Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago) won Kowsoleaa by submission 2nd round.

In October 2015 Edwin Baas visited for the second time that year The Netherlands, a small country, but a very big country if you talk about combat sports. In the few weeks Edwin Baas tried to visit as much as possible competitions, gyms, friends, etc. If he didn't visit you, don't take it personal. He loves you all.
Edwin Baas was judge and referre at various events.
during an event
Denzel Maria, a former student of Baas who moved to The Netherlands trains at “The Noble Art” at the University of Amsterdam where he studies. October 10 2015 at Mejiro gym Wormer (organized by Collin Mansur) Denzel won by TKO in the 1st round.
Shanice Josefine who trains at Mejiro gym was present. Shanice won October 17 in Hoogeveen after five rounds. Also in the pic Old skool fighters/trainers Dennis Rock and Boualem Belaini.

Hans de Bruijn organized October 11 2015 in Amsterdam Carre another edition of Ben Bril Memorial. Co-promotor Koert Hans Smit invited Edwin Baas to attent this pro-boxing event as VIP. Josemir Poulino won the Dutch title. Rafik Rafael Harutjunjan remained World welterweight Champion of the World Boxing Federation.

October 15 2015 Edwin Baas gave a guest training @ MAS the fightclub of Clarence Thompson in Amsterdam. A great team in a great atmosphere. After the training Clarence took multiple champion Marco Pique on the pads in preparations of his fight October 25 in Panama.

October 17 Remy Bonjasky organized another edition of Raw Diamonds in Almere. Edwin Baas was referee and judge.
The main event was for Joost Mulder, a former student of Edwin Baas. Joost trains at Team Messive under supervision of Ibrahim Sellak. Joost earned the main event because he won the first price of an eight men tournament at an earlier edition of Raw Diamonds.

October 18 2015 Melvin Manhoef with his team, like the sisters Cher and Nance Verbond, organized another great edition of WFL (World Fighting Leugue) in Hoofddorp. On the pictures; The one and only official cutman in The Netherlands Stefan Lems, Andre Tete, Ino Alberga, Joop Ubeda, Leroy Carolina, Joost Mulder, Boualem Belaini, Junny Bonofasio, Atje Smit, Red Cairo.

Baas visted different fight teams.
October 20 The Big Lab/Team Slamm under supervision of Astrando Arduin and Milton Felter with Curacao stars D'Angelo Marshall and Felisiano Sambre.
October 21 with Jamel Craig Mike's gym (Gilbert Yvel is one of the trainers), Gym Haarlem of Riduan El Assrouti (owner and main trainer who has great topfighters like Ibrahim el Bouni, who won Stoica at the WFL of October 18), Vos gym Amsterdam trainers Ivan Hippolyte and Francois Lubbers and topfighters with Curacao roots; Kenneth Susanna, Michell Adelina and Chellina Chirino.
October 22 2015 Boxing team ABC Amsterdam with trainer Raymond Joval (former world champion boxing) and proboxers Josemir Poulino, Astrando Arduin and Giovanni Rijkaard.
Sports Academy Sellak of Ibrahim Sellak, owner, trainer and MMA champ.
@ Nasty where former MMA fighter Audy Cijntje works. Dennis Rock also in da house.

October 25 2015 Edwin Baas judge @ Siam gym Valkenswaard, the gym of Mekki Benazouz. From left to right topfighters; Tayfun Ozcan, Aziz Ameziane (promoter), Ismael Lazaar, Andy Souwer.

Edwin Baas @ Eagle gym Haarlem (where Angelique trains), @ Essimo with Patrick van Kalken

Glen Huisman celebrated his 50 birthday with the team of sectie ringcontactsporten of the FOG (Federatie Oosterse Gevechtsporten)/ international WMTA (World Muay Thai Association).

Lirou Pinedo in da house @ Baas Sports Curacao. YDK Lirou became September 2010 Dutch Champion of the NBB (Nederlandse Boks Bond). He won the 1st place in the heavyweight division (81-91 kg) after 4 victories, 2 victories by TKO.

Luigi Kwas closed the year.
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