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Jemyma "The Golden Girl" Betrian was for a couple of months in Curacao and Bonaire. Monday February 6th she gave as special guest a training at Baas Sports Curacao. You can find photos of this training if you scroll down.

Jemyma Betrian, born in Curacao in 1991, is multiple world champion and European champion Muay Thai and kickboxing. She also won the European Pro-Boxing title and is active in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).
Jemyma fought all over the world, like; Turkey, Thailand, USA, Russia, Sweden, Ecuador, Italia, Sint Maarten, Suriname, Japan, Germany, France, China, The Netherlands, etc. She only lost 3 and won more than 40 fights, the most by a way of knock-out.

During her ring debut on November 27, 2005 she lost by Decision (points) of Maroucka Pruymboom. Jemyma showed to be a real fighter. She continued to train and fought her next bout against the same girl that she lost and won this time. Even in a 3rd confrontation with this opponent Jemyma defeated her for the second time.
Victories followed and in 2007 she became Dutch champion Muay Thai.
This result allowed her to participate at the World Cup Muay Thai in the Thai capital Bangkok. With her 16 years of age, she was the youngest of the group of women between 23 and 30 years. She won Australia during the quarterfinals and she won Korea in the semi-finals. In the final she had to recognize her superior in Karla Benitez, a Venezuelan who lives in Spain (where she and her husband Chinto Mordillo are instructors). Jemyma won a silver medal.
After this loss (her 2nd in her career) Jemyma didn’t lose for 9 years.
Before her last fight in Changzhi China, Jemyma didn’t fight for more than 1 year because of an injury. Still Jemyma was dominating all rounds of the fight against Gong Yanli. Unfortunately in the last second of the last round, her opponent surprised her with a spinning back fist. Jemyma who knocked out a lot of people in her many fights, went KO for the first time in her life. Real athletes, like Jemyma, take this as a lesson to develop.

If we are talking about her victories, they are too many, more than 40 victories. Under at the page you will find a list with all the results.

Pics below @ Baas Sports Curacao in 2009 and 2010. February 10 2010 Jemyma gave a seminar, together with K-1 fighter Errol Zimmerman.
March 7, 2010 Jemyma won an A-class Thai Boxing fight vs Adriane Mark Steiner from Germany.

April 17, 2010 Jemyma won in Primm Valley USA (close to Las Vegas), the World Muay Thai title of the WBC. "Probably the best fight of the night was a fight between two very talented women. Christine Toledo firing on Jemyma Betrian, who usefull was a last-minute replacement. Toledo is used widely recognized as one of the best in the United States in female Muay Thai , but it was Betrian's night as she dominated the fight in a very active slugfest. Betrian is only 19-years old, and I have to imaginethatdesign nobody who knew much about Muay Thai expected her to beat a prodigy like Christine Toledo, but that's exactly what happened. Betrian won on all three scorecards."

Picture below from left to right. Front row; Redferne Regales, Zeno Inecia, Raoul Franciska, Jemyma Betrian, Justin Gogulski, Argenio Pieters. Back row; Angelo Rosalia, Raul de Windt, Benjey Zimmerman, Cheo Zimmerman, Dudley Josepa, Edwin Baas.

For Jemyma it’s very difficult to get opponents and cancellations happens very often. Probably this has to do with her record.
September 25 2010 Jemyma should fight for the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) title, but less than a week before the fight her opponent cancelled.
Jemyma was awarded as best female kickboxer by visitors of mixfight.nl.
Because she already won everything in Muay Thai, she needed a new challenge and switched to boxing.

During an A-class boxing tournament January 2011 in Boras Sweden Jemyma won Gold after winning all her bouts and among more than one hundred female boxers she also won The Golden Girl Award. Here she got her nickname "The Golden Girl".
March 31 2011 Jemyma received like taekwondoka Audy Muller a scholarship from the NAOC (Olympic Committee of the former Netherlands Antilles). Together with coach Godfrey "Chofie" Balyn and her mother Fatima, she went to Quito (Ecuador) to qualify for the games. She won Christina Cruz from the United States convincingly 17-4. Cruz was the winner of the Golden Gloves and sponsored by CNN.

October 2011 Jemyma made a comeback in Muay-Thai with victories in Lithuania, Italy, St. Maarten (see pics below), Suriname, the Netherlands, Japan, USA, China, France, Germany, etc.
Besides her MuayThai / Kickboxing career Jemyma is still undefeated in professional boxing and even won the European pro boxing title.

Jemyma won the "Ernesto Hoost Cup" in Japan 2012. Also in the pic below her trainer Fred Royers from KB Arnhem.

June 2013 Jemyma gave together with Royce Gracie seminars @ the Curaçao Sport and Nutrition Fair, organized by Incredible Nutrition and More (INM) at the WTC (World Trade Center) of Curaҫao. Edwin Baas was honored to receive from their hands an award "A recognition and appreciation for devotion and commitment".

May 30 2014 Jemyma, who was in Curacao to prepare, gave in cooperation with Fundashon Bon Intenshon and Edwin Baas an open workout at the International School of Curacao.

Jemyma started to train MMA at the team of Ronda Rousey. August 2014 she made her MMA debut in Los Angeles USA with a KO victory in the first round and her second MMA fight she also won by a first round KO, after she kicked her opponent in her face.

January 5 2015 Hensley Meulens, Jemyma Betrian, Andrelton Simmons & Jean Julien Rojer received the first four “Curaçao Sports Ambassador Awards”.

February 6th 2017 Jemyma gave a special training at Baas Sports Curacao. Photo's made by Jacinto de Jesus.

Record list Jemyma Betrian
Loss Marouska Pruynboom 27-11-’05
Win Marouska Pruynboom 27-5-'06
Win Linda Willems TKO 14-10-'06
Win Marouska Pruynboom 19-11-'06
Win Rania 10-12-'06
Win Angel Alvarez TKO 4-2-'07
Win Elmas Ulusoy TKO 7-4-'07
Win Suheyla Ozturk TKO 7-4-'07. Wins Muay-Thai Women's Dutch Flyweight title.
Win Noortje de Swart TKO 23-9-’07
Win Merve (Turkey), 27-10-'07 Turkey
Win Australia 1-12-'07 World Championships Bangkok Thailand WMC
Win Lim Su-jeong (Korea) 3-12-'07 Semi-final World Championships Bangkok Thailand.
Loss Karla Benitez (Venezuela/ Spain) 4-12-'07 Final World IFMA Championships Bangkok Thailand. Wins Silver medal -54 kg
Win Priscilla Vergouwen 16-3-'08
Win Chadia Azzaoui 29-6-'08
Win Lisa Scheaffers (Germany) TKO 1-2-'09
Win Mariela Kruse 10-'09 1st A-class fight
Win Adriane Marksteiner (Germany) 7-3-‘10
Win Christine Toledo (USA) 17-4-’10 Primm Valley (Las Vegas) USA. Wins WBC Muaythai Women's Super Flyweight title.
Win Liuba Mockeviciene (Lithuania) 1st round KO. 9-10-'10 Russia
Win Linda Ooms 6-11-'10 2nd round KO. Wins WFCA K-1 rules Women's European Bantamweight title.
Win Olympic Boxing Christina Sloot (Norway) 15-1-'11 Sweden
Win Olympic Boxing Boxer from Sweden 16-1-'11 Sweden
Win Olympic Boxing Christina Cruz (USA) 4-'11 Quito Ecuador
Win Nevenka Mikulic (Croatia) 9-10-'11 Pandova Italia
Win Mellony Geusjes 12-11-'11 Philipsburg Sint Maarten
Win Lorena Klijn 23-12-'11 Paramarino Surinam
Win Mariela Kruse 12-2-'12
Win Ayano Oishi (Japan) 2nd round TKO. 20-5-2012 Nagoya Japan
Win Pro-boxing Dendi Fleis (Serbia) TKO 22-7-2012 Karlsruhe Germany
Draw Tifanny van Soest (Australia) World Champion in heavier division 18-8-2012 San Diego USA
Win Tiana Caverly (Australia) 11-11-'12 Las Vegas USA. Wins WBC Muaythai Women's World Bantamweight title.
Win Pro-boxing Pasa Malagic (Bosnia) 15-12-2012 Karlsruhe Germany
Win Marcela Soto (Costa Rica) 1st round KO (30 seconds). 6-4-'13 Las Vegas, USA. Retains WBC Muaythai Women's World Bantamweight title.
Win Pro-boxing Anika Kurzer (Germany) 2nd round TKO. 11-05-2013 Karlsruhe Germany. European Champion Pro-Boxing.
Win Katia Semail (France, Brizon Gym Riom) 2nd round TKO. 23-11-'13 Riom (France). Wins IMTU Women's European Bantamweight title.
Win Wang Kehan (China) 19-1-'14 Hubei, China
Win Thais Souza (Brazil) 3rd round TKO. 15-2-'14 San Diego USA. Wins WKC Muaythai Women's World Bantamweight title.
Win Anisa Mackeson (Portugal/France) 1st round KO (10 sec.). 30-3-2014 Harbin, China
Win E Miedie (China) 1st round TKO. 30-3-2014 Harbin, China. Wins WLF 52kg Women's World Championship title.
Win Christi Brereton (England) 2nd round KO. 7-6-'14 Temecula, California, USA. Retains WBC Muaythai Women's World Bantamweight title.
Win MMA Hadley Griffith (USA) 1st round KO. 10-8-'14 Los Angeles USA
Win MMA Chandra Engel (USA) 1st round KO. 21-2-'15 Los Angeles USA

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