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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports.
In recent years, MMA became one of the fastest growing competitive sports worldwide. However, MMA is not new.
Bruce Lee experimented in his time even with Mixed Martial Arts and realized that practicing a single style was not sufficient. Because certain fighting styles were too traditional and too limited, he began to mix styles and named this style Jeet Kune Do.
But MMA is much older and can be traced back to 648 BC. During the ancient Olympic Games in Greece one of the earliest documented systems of codified full range unarmed combat was utilized in the sport of Prankation.
A common misconception regarding MMA is that everything is allowed, probably stemming from the early days of MMA as well as the other more unregulated sports in the world of martial arts. This is however false, MMA has strict safety rules.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company in the world. The first UFC event was held in 1993 in Denver, Colorado.
Royce Gracie (picture at the right) is a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist, who gained fame for his domination in the first years of the UFC. He became known for beating opponents much larger than he was, and between 1993 and 1994, he was the tournament winner of UFC 1, UFC 2 and UFC 4.

Chris Dolman (picture at the left), World Champion Sambo, stands at the cradle of RINGS HOLLAND, which in 1994 organized their first “Free Fight” event.
In that time they used the name 'Free Fight' in The Netherlands, but this was not the right name, because there are rules, a mix (combination) of rules of different combat sports.
During these freefight competitions people fought with bare hands and fist punches to the head were not allowed, or with boxing gloves what made the grappling very difficult.

In 1995 Ap Echteld (picture at the right) organized the first Mixfight event in The Netherlands, with the use of MMA gloves, that they nowadays use in almost all organizations worldwide.
In 1996 the IMA (International Mixfight Association) was founded by Ino Alberga and Apy Echteld. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Armenia, Croatia, Brazil, Curacao, Aruba, Finland, Denmark, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, U.S.A, Korea, Japan and Portugal, have all exchanged fighters within the context of the IMA.
In 2002 Edwin Baas, as representative of the IMA, took care for a revival of MMA in Curaçao. Baas was also one of the founders of CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation), which was founded in 2003. With CUMAFE Baas organized various MMA activities.
IMA was placed under WMMAA (World Mixed Martial Arts Association), that was founded in 2012 in Monaco and manages and develops mixed martial arts in the world, establishes rules and procedures governing MMA competitions. President is Vadim Finkelchtein and Honorary President is Fedor Emelianenko (also on the pictures at the right).

MMA exhibition by Edwin Baas & Gregory Costina @ CUMAFE Night of Martial Arts 2004

Edwin Baas did a big MMA promotion in 2005. In June @ the dojo of the Naval Base Parera, MMA training by RINGS World champion Joop van Kasteel (he won this title by KO over Dan Severn from the USA).

November 13 2005 Free Fight Championship 2005. 1st prices; Clayton Tjon, Ruvinsky Lopez, Jean ten Broeke, Reginald de Windt, Alex Rombley, Ingmar Pikerie. Also victories for 2nd price winners from Baas; Johnny Brazao, Tim Hulsman and Jelmer Wijnja. Johnny Brazao (52 kg) from Baas Sports showed a lot of "fighting spirit" and won a 5 kg heavier opponent by TKO and fought the final against a 16 pounds heavier opponent.

December 10 2005 CUMAFE had a great "Night of the Martial Arts" with exhibitions in karate, taekwondo, judo, jiu jitsu, aikido, capoeira, krav maga and competitions in Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA. Tim Hulsman (Baas Sports) won his Canadian opponent in a MMA fight.

CUMAFE championships, June 3 2006, with Karate, Thai-kickboxing and MMA. Francesco Solaro (Baas Sports) won the 1st place in MMA after unanimous victories over Jean Ten Broeke (Medina Grappling) and Patrick Ladeur (X-treme Judo Fighting Team). Igmar Pikerie (X-treme Judo Fighting Team) won @ the heavyweights.

In 2007 athletes from Baas Sports were very successful. Johnny Brazao won and Juan Esteban Montoya won al his fights and won the 1st prize.

September 6 2008 Francesco Solaro from Baas Sports Curaçao won his fight in the cage (Octagon) @ "Last Man Standing Fighting Championship 7" in Aruba.

CUMAFE championships, June 6 2009, with competitions in karate , grappling, kickboxing and MMA and also exhibitions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Enshin Full Contact Karate, Shaolin Fa Men Chuan and boxing.
There were several fights and Baas Sports took all 1st places. Fransesco Solaro won Grappling, Paul Piper won MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Joel Adriana won kickboxing.

Apy Echteld from 2H2H (Too Hot to Handle), IMA, M-1 Global and WMMAA gave MMA seminars in Curacao in 2002, 2004 and 2009.

Fedor Emelianenko with management (Vadim Finkelchtein & A.Echteld) Curacao 2009

CUMAFE MMA championships 2011 winners:
Bantamweight 1. Tico Lynch (Undisputed Soldiers) 2. Andre Alias (Baas Sports Curacao)
Lightweight 1. Jairzinho Kowsoleea (Attaf) 2. Joelo Winklaar (Bonaire)
Welterweight 1. Jerry Rodriquez (Thai Flying Dragon) 2. Haydel Alexander (Undisputed Soldiers)
Middleweight 1. Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports Curacao) 2. Clairon Marcos (Team Punishment)
Lightheavy weight 1. Ray Koeijers (Sint Maarten) 2. Leo Engelhart (Bonaire)
Heavyweight 1. Rob Gogulski (Baas Sports Curacao) 2. Carlos Netto (Baas Sports/ Brazil)

While in Curacao was fought with amateur rules, in Aruba they fought for several years with professional rules (UFC rules) and in an Octagon (cage).
Ludwig Leito from Aruba organized in October and December 2011 two editions of MMA Madness in Curacao, with pro-rules just like in Aruba.
At the first edition the Arubans were incorporated by the experience to be much stronger and won five fights. Only one victory went to Curacao.
However, two months later in December 2011, the second edition of MMA Madness was organized and this time Curacao won the most fights.
For Curacao there were victories for Justin Gogulski, Dennis Helder, Nezar Regales, Jairzinho Kowsoleea and Mohammed Hussein. For Aruba the only victory went to Anthony Ignacio, who won Rudsel Nisia.
Justin Gogulski (61 kg) Baas Sport Curacao won Ruvinsky Lopez (65,5 kg) by TKO in the 2nd round.
Mohammed Hussein (81 kg) Baas Sports Curacao won Cesar Geerman (83,3 kg) Aruba by submission (choke) in the 2nd round.

March 17 2012 Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports Curacao) won a pro MMA fight in Aruba during Extreme Fighting Championships. Within 40 seconds Hussein took Ceasar Geerman (Aruba) in a choke and let him tap-out. For the second time Hussein won this opponent by submission.

Results MMA tournament May 1 2012: 1. Franklin Cox 2. Jowi Adriana 3. Jonathan Martins Pereira/ Welton Angelica

May 5 2012 during "Fighters of the Caribbean 2012" Hussein won in the 1st round by knocking out his opponent from Sint Maarten.

September 22 2012 the 2nd edition of “Curacao Rumble” took place. The program contained boxing, Thai-kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and the MMA results were:
Franklin Cox (Baas Sports) won Welton Angelica (Team Hussein) unanimous.
Jenco Maduro (World Class Jiu Jitsu) won Dennis Helder (Thai Flying Dragon) by submission.
Rob Gogulski (Baas Sports) won Rudsel Nisia (Team Nisia) by submission.
Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) won Juan Villanueva (Venezuela) by submission.

Franklin Cox (Baas Sports Curacao) wins @ Dominance 1.

Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports Curacao) wins Tija Stanley (St.Kitts) and the light-heavyweight title @ Dominance 1.

Lutciano Zimmerman (Baas Sports Curacao) won his MMA debut May 4 2013 @ AFC (Aruba Fighting Championships).

Representatives from Venezuela, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, USA, Bonaire, Jamaica, and Curacao @ "Curacao vs The World".

Mitch Huner (USA/Baas Sports Curacao) wins @ Dominance part 2
Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports/team Hussein) wins Robert McCarthy (Jamaica) @ Dominance part 2

October 5 2013 it was time for "A new era". ICW (International Cage Warriors) organized for the first time in Curacao MMA fights in a cage.
Robert McCarthy (Jamaica) won the ICW Middleweight belt fight)by defeating Tija Stanley (St.Kitts)
Oscar Sosa (Dominican Republic) won the ICW Light heavyweight belt by defeating Anthony Ignacio (Aruba).
Other winners in pro MMA fights were; Mohamed Hussein (Curacao),Cleon Bardowell (Jamaica), Jean Marc Howell (Aruba) and Terron Diaz and Joash Walkins, both from Trinidad & Tobago.

Dominance 3 victories in MMA for Olanda Raply (Thai Flying Dragon), David Hawker (Team Hussein), Denzel Maria (Baas Sports), Welton Angelica (Team Hussein), Nezar Regales (Fighting Factory Attaf) and Evan Nedd (Aruba).

Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein from Baas Sports Curacao won Saturday February 22nd 2014 his MMA fight in Russia.
The light heavyweight (84-93 kg) Hussein fought the main event in Birobichan Russia and was clearly the better fighter. This was necessary to convince the jury and prevent home advantage, because the other Yiu di Korsou Michell Adelina, who lives in The Netherlands and is European Champion MMA Middleweight (77-84 kg) also fought a good fight, but the victory went to his opponent who had home advantage.
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is very big in Russia and not only legal, but also recognized as official sport and is supported by the Russian Government.

May 10 2014 the 4th edition of "Fighters of the Caribbean" toke place in the International School of Curacao.
In the 5 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights there were victories for David Hawker (Attaf Fighting Factory), Denzel Maria (Baas Sports), Matthew Colquhoun (Jamaica), Gino Hanse (Attaf Fighting Factory) and the main event was won by Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports).

Kevin Scharbaai from Baas Sports Curacao made a great MMA debut with a big victory October 3 2015 @ “King’s land”. Kevin won in the alternate bout all rounds and defeated Danny Matos Puello by unanimous decision .
Results of the tournament:
Michell Adelina (Curacao / The Netherlands) won Miguel Brinez (Venezuela) by TKO (Referee stoppage) 1st round
Jairzinho Kowsoleea (Curacao) won Dario Martinus (Bonaire) by submission 1st round
Jean Marc Howell (Aruba) won Anael Lopez (Dominican Republic) by unanimous decision
Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago) won Juan Rafael Campos (Venezuela) by unanimous decision
Semifinals: Kowsoleaa won Adelina by unanimous decision and Walkins won Howell by TKO (injury) 1st round
Final: Joash Walkins (Trinidad & Tobago) won Kowsoleaa by submission 2nd round.

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