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Boxing is one of the oldest forms of physical exercise and since ancient times to present an integral part of the Olympics.
The formerly known term 'amateur boxing' has international turned into "Olympic Boxing ', which is closer to the sporting level where we are. Unlike professional boxing (pro boxing) there is only one world organization for Olympic boxing and that is AIBA (Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur).

CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) was established January 1977 as CABA (Curaçao Amateur Boxing Association) with the aim of promoting the practice of boxing in Curacao.
November 2014 the statutes and name were changed in CuraBox "Curacao Boxing Association".
Since May 2010 there are two or three times a year boxing competitions under the auspices of the CABA / CuraBox, with participating of thee following Curaçao clubs / teams; Baas Sports, No Limit Boxing Country, Thai Flying Dragon, Undisputed Soldiers, Bob Esprit gym, Attaf Fighing Factory, Olympic Boxing Club, Jab Jab Korsou, Franciska Fighting Club, Future Golden Boxing Stars (formerly FC gym) Kibra Hacha, Kamakura, Pro-Fit, Curacao Fighting School, Curacao Self Made Fighting Team, Krav Maga Sports. Teams from Bonaire, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Suriname, Venezuela, and the Netherlands also took part.
Boxers from CABA/CuraBox also took part in competitions abroad, such as; Italy (World Championships), Dominican Republic (Continental Championships), Puerto Rico (CAC Games), The Netherlands (Dutch Championships), Ecuador (Olympic qualifiers), Saba, Sint Maarten and many times in Aruba.
Clubs that are officially members of CuraBox are; Baas Sports, Attaf Fighing Factory, Franciska Fighting Club, Kamakura, Pro-Fit and Curacao Self Made Fighting Team.

The current board-members of CuraBox:
Edwin Baas (president)
Dr. Krishnadath (vice-president)
Gideon Jonker (treasurer)
Ray Maharaj (secretary)
Erwin Kleiboer (Commissioner)

Email: curacaoboxing@live.com
Tel: (+5999)6636707
MCB Bank account 22638704
Chamber of Commerce 134203

The following important events that have occurred since the re-establishment in August 2009.
At the World Championship Boxing AIBA in Milan Italia September 1-13 2009 554 boxers from 144 countries participated. The international boxing world didn't know The Netherlands Antilles, but Benjey Zimmerman changed that. In the Super Heavyweight division (+91 kg) he made a great debut. In his first boxing match ever he won with 11-4.

November 21 2009 Edmond Lodowica joined an “updating seminar” for referees in Sto. Domingo, organized by the American Boxing Confederation (from AIBA). 21 countries took part like; Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Ecuador, United States, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Dominica, Brazil, Saint Marteen, Colombia, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

“Campeonato Continental de Boxeo Republica Dominicana 2010”. February 19-26 2010 Justin Gogulski @ Continental championships boxing in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

May 30 2010 there were victories for Dudley Thokaai (Baas Sports), Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports), Germain Balentien (No Limit Boxing Land), Stephen Nahr (No Limit Boxing Land), Braizel Crispulo (Baas Sports), Givanni Schaap (Baas Sports) and Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports).
July 17 till August 1 2010 Gilton Benjey Zimmerman represented The Netherlands Antilles at the CAC-games (Central American and Caribbean games) in Mayagüez Puerto Rico (participation of 32 countries) and reached the final.
September 2010 CABA participated with boxers from Curacao at the Dutch Championships Boxing in The Netherlands.
April 30 2011 CABA participated with four boxers from Baas Sports Curaçao @ the boxing competition of Arubox in Aruba. The first victory was for Argenio Pieters, the second victory for Jamal el Otmani, the third victory for Nezar Regales. Only Justin Gogulski could not win his bout.

Jemyma Betrian was also very successful in boxing. In Quito (Ecuador) she won Christina Cruz (US) with 17-4.

May 30 2011 victories for Tico Grote Stam (Thai Flying Dragon), Joseph Fadler (No Limit Boxing Land), Stephen Nahr (No Limit Boxing Land Curacao) who won Bonaire, Braizel Crispulo (Baas Sports Curacao) who won Bonaire, Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports Curacao), Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports Curacao) who won Suriname and Nezar Regales (Baas Sports Curacao) who won Suriname. Nezar Regales also won the Papa Godett trophy.

CURACAO RUMBLE August 2011 Boxing under supervision of CABA.
Zianni Fluoania (Baas Sports) won Nelly Hariquez (Thai Flying Dragon).
Jemuel Cleofa (Baas Sports Curacao) won Mikel Mercera (Bonaire) by RSC.
Raul Franciska (Baas Sports Curacao) won Kyle Janzen (Bonaire) by KO 1st round.
Kevin Lee (Aruba) won Kelien Pengel (Thai Flying Dragon).
Porres Sarabia (Baas Sports Curacao) won Shawn Ray Koolman (Aruba).
Adrian Albertz (Aruba) won Stephen Nahr (No Limit team Curacao).
Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports Curacao) won Ru-jeunne Pardo by KO 2nd round.
Raymon Erberveld (Haagse Direkte The Netherlands) won Judrison van Sichem (Thai Flying Dragon Curacao).
Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports Curacao) won Efi-Jimmy Croes (Aruba).

May 30 2012 victories for Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports), Leroy Breeschoten (Baas Sports), Justin Do Rego (Baas Sports), Ericson Garcia (No Limit Team), Sigmond Belioso (No Limit Team), Franklin Cox (Baas Sports) and Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports), who also won the Papa Godett Trophy.
On the boxing program in Saba, October 27 2012, there were four fights including an exhibition between two boxers from Sint Maarten. The 14 years old Leroy Breeschoten (Baas Sports Curacao)62.1 kg won the 15 years old Donald Hassell (Saba) 64.1 kg. by TKO 2nd second round. Kevin Lee (Aruba) won Enoch Charles (Saba). In the last fight Porres Sarabia from Baas Sports Curacao faced the local favorite and undefeated Shamiel Levenstone from Saba. It is nothing new than when you fight in another country you don't have to fight your opponent only, but also the home-crowd and the judges. When it's a close fight and it comes to a judge decision a lot of times you can count on home advantage. I experienced this a lot, but what happened yesterday in Saba with the match between Porres Sarabia (Curacao) and Shamiel Levenstone (Saba) was unbelievable. Porres dominated the whole fight. It wasn't even close. All rounds Porres was better with clear shots. Just a few times Levenstone landed some punches on the defense of Porres. These are no valid scoring points in Olympic Boxing (see rule 11 of the international AIBA rules). See the video with your own eyes.
CABA Boxing Championships 2012 December 15 @ International School of Curacao with participating of 7 different teams.
Youth Lightweight: Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports)
Youth Light welterweight: Leroy Breeschoten (Baas Sports)
Youth Welterweight: Justin do Rego (Baas Sports)
Light Welterweight: Franklin Cox (Baas Sports)
Welterweight: Javier Janzen (Baas Sports)
Middleweight: Jowi Adriana (Baas Sports)
Light heavyweight: Manrique Kroon (Bob Esprit)
Heavyweight: Reyswin Simon (Jab Jab Korsou)

May 30 2013 victories for Justin Do Rego (Baas Sports), Juni de los Santos (FC Gym), Leroy Breeschoten (Baas Sports), Jowi Adriana (Baas Sports), Wilfrid Camelia (Kibra Hacha) and Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports) who also won the Papa Godett trophy as most outstanding boxer.

Open CABA Boxing Championships November 9 2013
Youth Light welterweight: Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports)
Youth Welterweight: Clay Wernet (Thai Flying Dragon)
Youth Middleweight: Justin Do Rego (Baas Sports)
Lightweight: Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports)
Light welterweight: Lloyd Hinds (Fighting Factory Attaf)
Welterweight: Tico Grote Stam (Baas Sports)
Middleweight: Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports)
Light heavyweight: Wilfred Camelia (Curacao Fighting School)
Internat. Light heavyweight: William Evertsz (Bonaire)
Heavyweight: Denzel Maria (Baas Sports)
Super Heavyweight: Isaac Camelia (Curacao Fighting School)
Internat. Super Heavyweight: Thuersten Winklaar (Bonaire)
Ladies bantamweight: Janice Breeschoten (Baas Sports)
Ladies light welterweight: Michelle van Sliedregt (Kamakura)
Ladies Middleweight: Nataly Ogenio (Baas Sports)

Nataly Ogenio (Baas Sports Curacao) and Lloyd Hinds (Attaf Fighting Factory) both won their bouts @ Betico Croes Day Boxing in Aruba.

May 10 2014 the 4th edition of "Fighters of the Caribbean" toke place in the International School of Curacao. The program started with 6 boxing matches and in the first fight, a youth fight, there was a victory for Chris Elliot (FC gym). The second fight was a ladies fight won Belinda Liesdek (Jab Jab Korsou). The following boxing matches were won by Stephen Nahr (Thai Flying Dragon), Leon van Geest (Baas Sports), Jensley Jeremias (Jab Jab Korsou) and Maurits Hennen (Baas Sports).
May 30 2014 another boxing competition for the Wilson ‘Papa’ Godett Trophy took place with great fights for a big audience who attend free. The program started with an exhibition between Tyrique Brown (Baas Sports) and Kalil Beard (FC gym). It was called an exhibition buth both young warriors fought like it's a real fight. In the second match, a ladies fight, Maaike Versteeg (Kamakura) won by retirement after the corner-men of ProFit trow the towel. Jowi Adriana (Baas Sports) vs William Evertsz (Bonaire) was a very close fight that ended in a draw. Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) and Redferne Regales (Raul Martial Arts/ Baas Sports) fought a Kickboxing exhibition and showed a lot of spectacular kicking techniques. In the two heavyweight matches there were victories for Thuersten Winklaar (Bonaire) and Isaac "Djadja" Camelia (Curacao Fighting School). The Papa Godett trophy 2014 was won by the American boxer Jamel Craig, because of his great Knock Out victory. Craig trains in the USA at Sitan Gym New York, but because he's married with a Curacao lady he stays often in Curacao and mostly trains at Kamakura, the gym he represented during this event. CABA (Curacao Amateur Boxing Association) president Edwin Baas wants to thank all participating teams, officials, Mr. Juniel Carolina and Mr Anthony Godett from Fundashon Papa Godett and FOL, and everybody who made this event a success.
Both CABA boxers won in Aruba July 19 2014. Lloyd Hinds (64.5 kg) Attaf Fighting Factory Curacao won Romeo Francis (64.3 kg) Aruba. Maurits Hennen (92.7 kg) Baas Sports Curacao won Halroye "Ali" Hudson (123.2 kg) Aruba.

April 10 2015 during a combined press conference, the fight card of Fighters of the Caribbean was announced and the new boxing ring of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) was presented. The ring was financially made pssible by FDOK (Federashon Deporte i Olympiko Korsou).
The night was closed by exhibition bouts in boxing (Tyrique Brown vs Timothy Martis, both from Baas Sports) and kickboxing (Redferne Regales vs Quentin Pieternella, both from Baas Sports).

The referees and judges of CuraBox received in July 2015 training of highly experienced international referee James Beckles from Trinidad & Tobago.
Mr. Beckles is a 3 star Referee of AIBA and acted on major international tournaments like; the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2012 World Championships, 3 Pan Am Games, 3 CAC Games, Women's World Championships, World Youth Championship, Caribbean Championships, Pan American Championships, Pan Am Women's Championships, Olympic Qualifiers, etc.
The chairman of CuraBox Edwin Baas, was very enthusiastic about the training. "Mr. Beckles has great love for the sport of boxing and during his holidays he passes on his knowledge to others. In a short time we have really learned a lot from him. Especially practical tips such as; how a referee moves through".
Picture from left to right; Kwame Nzeako (back), Edward Martis (front), James Beckles, Jonathan Symor, Edmond Lodowica Edwin Baas, Willem Falter, Gilbert Girigori.

The Curacao Boxing Battle "A Tribute to Muhammad Ali" organized by CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association), June 18 in Sala Errol Rooi (SDK) was a big success with a lot of exciting and technically high level boxing matches.
Jerichson Vlijtig from Baas Sports made a great ring debut. He won Johnathan de Wind (Kamakura) by RSC 2nd round.
The last amateur boxing bout was one of the most exciting bouts of the night. Lloyd Hinds from Attaf Fighting Factory was till this moment undefeated, but this time the victory went to his opponent Leroy Breeschoten from Pro-fit.
The amateur program was closed with the election for the trophy for the most outstanding boxer.
The 16 years young lightweight Tyrique Brown from Baas Sports Curacao was declared as “most outstanding boxer”, because of his great performance and boxing skills.
He won by unamious decision (all judges scored 30-27) Keon Brodie from Attaf Fighting Factory.

11 years there was no pro-boxing in Curacao. Until this Saturday night June 18 2016. In the professional boxing program, under the auspices of the professional boxing association, Milangelo Eugenio (Kamakura) won Justin Gogulski (Pro-fit) in 4th round in also a very exciting fight.

Edwin Baas, president of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association), would like to thank the following people / organizations;
FDOK (Federashon Deporte i Olimpiko Korsou) for the subsidy that made these competitions possible.
Frank Gressman of the professional boxing association and Zebra Productions that made the professional boxing fight possible.
Powerade and Kyoto respectively for drinks and sushi for boxers, officials, volunteers and special guests.
Anyone who cooperated voluntarily, like the ring announcer Mario Marquez, all referee, judges, and other volunteers.
Red Cross Curacao and ring physician Dr. Pimm Blankevoort.
DJ Lonchi Raymond Juliana.
All clubs and all the boxers who participated, all spectators, everyone who supported and is not mentioned.

Photo's by Jourandy Alexander

Milangelo Eugenio will fight his first pro-boxing bout but he has a lot of experience as A-class Thai-kickboxer. Milangelo won different Caribbean title belts like the ones of the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) and the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association).

For Justin Gogulski it will not be his first pro-boxing bout, because he already fought 4 pro-boxing bouts, 2 in Aruba and 2 in Sint Maarten. Besides his pro-boxing experience Justin has more than 30 fights in Thai-kickboxing, amateur boxing and MMA.

The photos below are from 2012, in that time Milangelo Eugenio and Justin Gogulski trained together at Baas Sports. For years they trained together, but now this is not the case anymore, the fight between them is possible. They never liked each-other. Both wants the victory. Who will be the winner?

With the Olympic athletes sprinter Churandy Martina and boxer Enrico La Cruz. Churandy Martina is well-known. For the ones that don't know Enrico La Cruz yet. The 23 years young Enrico, whose father is from Curaçao, made history during the Olympics a month ago. In Rio de Janeiro Brazil he won Lai Chu-En from Taiwan and this led to the long-awaited comeback of Dutch boxing on the Olympic podium (Dutch boxers were in Barcelona in 1992 for the last time active at the Olympics, when Orhan Delibas won the silver medal).
Enrico La Cruz won the 1st place at the Felix Stamm Boxing Tournament in Warschau. October 28th Enrico La Cruz won in the semifinals Mateusz Ptasinki (Poland) by an unanimous decision (3-0) and October 29th in the final he won Carnik Haratyunyan (Armenia) also unanimous (3-0).

October 27th @ Punda Thursday Vibes organized by Fundashon Desaroyo Deportivo Kòrsou - FDDK. The audience was great with the clients of De Sgr Groep Fundashon Verriet and our champion Mr. Positive Churandy Martina who received the key of the city at this event.
From left to right: Humbertico Grotestam, Jowi Adriana, Nico Nico, mr. Positive Churandy Martina, Ray Maharaj, Edwin Baas, Tyrique Brown.

CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) presented "The noble art of Boxing".
Saturday November 12 2016 @ Sala Errol Rooi - SDK (Sentro Deportivo di Korsou) Brievengat.

Danny Noor (48 kg 16 yr) Kamakura Gym Curacao won (points) Joazyer Zwerver (46 kg 16 yr) Pro-fit

Joey Gogulski (53 kg 16 yr) Pro-fit Curacao MartialArts won (points) Errivensley Manzana (51 kg 16 yr) Curacao Selfmade Fighting Team

Tyrique Brown (57 kg 16 yr) Baas Sports won (2nd round TKO) Calvin Braaf (59 kg 18 yr) Bonaire

Dxiane Ogenia (68 kg 17 yr) Raul Franciska Fighting Club won (points) Jonathan de Wind (68 kg 18 yr) Kamakura

Maryn v.d. Sikke (66 kg 18 yr) Pro-fit won (points) Joraidel Jones (66 kg 17 yr) Curacao Selfmade Fighting Team

Exhibition: Davino de Palm Franciska Fighting Club vs Jermaine Gogulski Pro-fit

Exhibition: Grego Scharbaai (72 kg 18+) Baas Sports Curacao vs Timothy Domacasse (75 kg 18+) Bonaire (this was an exhibition bout because Grego Scharbaai was way more experienced)

Thai boxing Exhibition: Eva van Baalen (67 kg 18+) Baas Sports vs Redferne Regales (66 kg 18+) Baas Sports/Red Hawk

Humbertico Grotestam (65 kg 18+) Baas Sports won (points) Shaydriyon Cicilia (65 kg 18+) Bonaire

Kevin Scharbaai (66 kg 18+) Baas Sports won (points) Kurt Neuman (66 kg 18+) Attaf Fighting Factory

The big trophy for the most outstanding boxer went just like in June this year at "Tribute to Muhammad Ali" to the only 16 years young Tyrique Brown.

The organization would never have been possible without the financial support of Federashon Deporte I Olimpiko Korsou - FDOK, thank you.
Edwin Baas, president of CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association), wants to thank behalf of the Board all the participating boxers, teams (especially Team Bonaire), all officials, ring announcer Mario Marques, DJ Lonchi Mayron Juliana, all volunteers and everyone that helped but not mentioned.

Na afloop van een training van Baas Sports kwam een stuk Curaçaose boksgeschiedenis naar boven. Dhr. Berkemeier kwam met een foto waar hij op stond in gezelschap van o.a. Godried Balyn en Khaosai Galaxy, die 7 jaar achtereenvolgens wereldkampioen boksen was. Zoals zoveel Thaise vechters begon Khaosai Galaxy zijn carrière als kickbokser waarna hij overstapte naar het regulaire boksen op de leeftijd van 21. Galaxy's enige verlies kwam in zijn 6e partij wanneer hij een puntennederlaag opliep tegenover Sakda Saksuree tijdens zijn uitdaging voor de Thaise bantamgewicht titel, maar dit verlies werd later goed gemaakt met een knock-out overwinning en Galaxy maakte gestaag vorderingen en verbeterde onderwijl zijn reputatie. Een snel overzicht van Galaxy's carrière geeft ons een record van 49-1 (43 KO), met 19 succesvolle titelverdedigingen in een 7-jarige regeerperiode (1984-1991), waarna hij terugtrad als de ongeslagen WBA kampioen. Deze aantallen bleken divisie records te zijn en Galaxy werd voor deze prestaties beloond met een inductie in het beroemde 'The Boxing Hall off Fame' in Canastota, Amerika in 1999. Slechts 1x bokste Galaxy buiten Azië. Deze eer trof Curaçao. Op 1 november 1986 kon men in Willemstad Curaçao deze wereldkampioen 'live' aanschouwen, toen Galaxy door knock out in de vijfde ronde won van de tot dan toe ongeslagen Israel Contreras. Zijn tegenstanders waren niet de eerste de beste en bokssterren zoals; Israel Contreras, David Grimman, Elly Pical, Yong Hang Kim, en Rafael Orono welke allemaal al wereldkampioen waren of dit later alsnog werden, prijkten aan zijn slachtofferriem. Hij versloeg ook een zeer goede Armando Castro in zijn laatste partij, waarna de nationale volksheld met pensioen ging. Oude foto's van boksers Balyn en La Cruz
WILLEMSTAD – Despues di un entrenamentu di Baas Sports juli 2010, un pida di historia di Bòkseo di Kòrsou, a keda tresé. Sr. Erwin Berkemeyer a bini ku un pòtrèt kaminda e tabata den kompania di entre otro Sr. Godfried Balyn i Khaosai Galaxy di Tailandia. Galaxy no ta un nòmber deskonosí i tabata un gran kampion di Bòkseo i el a bòks aki na Kòrsou. Kaosai Galaxy a kuminsá su karera komo kickboxer i despues a pasa pa Bòkseo na edat di 21 aña. Su úniko derota a bini den su di seis pelea, kaminda el a bin kai derotá pa punto kontra di Sakda Saksuree, un pelea pa e título di Batam weight di Tailandia. E derota aki a keda venga dor di un viktoria pa nòkout. Galaxy a sabi di subi i drecha su reputashon. Galaxy den su karera tabatin un rekòrt di 49-1 ku 43 KO i a defendé su título na 19 okashon den su karera di shete aña, 1984 pa 1991. Ku e impreshonante rekòrt aki Galaxy na 1999 a drenta e konosido “The Boxing Hall of Fame” na Canastota, Merka. Solamente na un okashon el a bringa pafó di Asia. E honor aki a toka Kòrsou dia 1 di novèmber 1986, ora ku Galaxy den di sinku rònt a sabi di gana pa nòkout di Israel Contreras di Venezuela.
Pa mas informashon di bòkseo bo por tuma kontakto ku Sr. Edwin Baas, presidente di CABA (Asosiashon di Bòkseo Amatùr di Kòrsou), email curacaoboxing@live.com

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