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February 3 2007 "Martial Kids" from Baas Sports did exam.

Willem-Jan Paardekooper of Kapap Curacao had two Israeli instructors, Avi Nardia and Albert Timen, to our island persuaded to train instructors.
Edwin Baas attended the instructors course from February 19 till 26, every day from 8:00 to 20:00, and received from the hands of the Minister of Justice, David Dick, the certificate "Kapap Instructor Level One "of the International Kapap Federation and Kapap Academy. Other graduates; Raul de Windt, Sharella Riedel, Sheila Maal, Paul Roberts (Canada), Antonio Torres, Ron Ridderbos (Holland) and Bill Sullivan (USA).

February 2007 Krav Maga by Franklyn Hartkamp. From left to right: Ramiro Sabina, Edwin Baas, Palmira Baas, Franklin Hartkamp, Dennis Rock. Photo in the middle with Glenda Poeder.

CUMAFE Beachtraining March 24 2007 @ Lions Dive Hotel.
During the local championships of 2007 athletes from Baas Sports again very successful.
Thai boxing (CUMAFE)
Ivo van den Berg (Baas Sports) won Daniel Schoop (Thai Flying Dragon)
Terence Martis (Baas Sports) lost on points from Arnold Drenthe (Thai Flying Dragon)
Kickboxing (CurThaiBo)
Rigcheilo Rosalia (Baas Sports) fell short against the 6 kilo heavier Milano Bernadina (No Limit Team)
Paul Piper (Baas Sports) won Ivan Molina (Thai Flying Dragon)
Joel Adriana (Baas Sports) won Quency Kraal (No Limit Team)
Elvis Molina (Baas Sports) won Nito Mongen (No Limit Team).
Toon Vollebregt (Baas Sports) won Jonathan Mogen (No Limit Team)
Braizel Crispulo (Baas Sports) won Suendly Martina (Tjakai)
Jemuel Cleofa (Baas Sports) won Roland Wawoe (No Limit Team)
Also in "Free fight" our athletes were very successful in 2007.
Johnny Brazao won and Juan Esteban Montoya won al his free fights and won the 1st prize. Elvis Molina won this same night in Thaiboxing Jason (Kickboxing Attaf).

June 22 2007 Baas Sports exhibition @ Sharks "zwem4daagse".
A-class Thai-kickboxer Cedrick Copra, sub-champion of Europe, was also in Curaçao and trained at Baas Sports in his preparation for his match against Jyotaro Usui in Nagoya Japan. Also Cedrick fought this year in Turkey against Sahin "Kaas" Yakuth.

Gathering Baas Sports & Military/Navy @ Marinebasis Parera, October 8 2007

CUMAFE training SDK October 27 2007

December 1 2007 "The Day of the Martial Arts" organized by CUMAFE , with karate, Aikido, Breakdance and an international "Fight Night" with 8 Thai-kickboxing fights, which Baas Sports was very successful.
In the main event André Jean-Philippe (Martinique) won after five exciting rounds on points from Saint-Thierry Auret (Saint Martin).
The prizes were awarded by Ryan de Jongh, who rowed with a kayak around Curaçao (distance of 150 km in the open sea in 33 hr.). With this clearwater challenge he brought money for charity Carmabi.
Other victories were for Joel Adriana (Baas Sports), Elvis Molina (Baas Sports), Simao Cabort (Saint Martin), Dennis Helder (Thai Flying Dragon), Ivo van den Berg (Baas Sports), who won by TKO 3rd round Dimeo Julien (Saint Martin), Toon Vollebregt (Baas Sports), Rayen Thode (Fearless Kickboxing School) and Cythere Steve (Martinique).
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