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Some highlights of 2009; Edwin Baas @ World Championships Boxing in Italy as coach of Benjey Zimmerman, "Fighters of the Caribbean" with A-class Clash Cedrick Copra vs Remco Hisken, and the visit of Fedor Emelianenko.

Baas Sports started 2009 very good because at "The Battle of Local Heroes" January 30 2009 the team did not lose one fight. Video
Justin Gogulski (16 year 60 kg) Baas Sports won Haidel Alexander (67 kg) Tjakai.
Mike Taatgen (14 year 50 kg) Baas Sports won Chesterly Williams (13 year 50 kg) Tjakai.
Kwame Nzeako and Collin Knarren, both Baas Sports, fought each-other in a draw 3 rounds of 3 minutes K-1 rules.
Danny van der Veen (71 kg) Baas Sports won Rudsel Nisia (+80 kg) The Thai Flying Dragon.
Coregelino "Gelly" Djaoen (75 kg) Baas Sports won by TKO 3rd round Emson Merce Thai Flying Dragon.

April 25 2009 CUMAFE beachtraining with guest trainer Clarence Thompson. Clarence is an experienced Thaiboxer and MMA Fighter from Mandingo Gym/ Pro-Fighters/ Team Slamm and now gives training in his Martial Arts Society in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost.

April 2009 "Martial Kids" from Baas Sports did exam.

May 10 2009 Tijmen Kooij won by TKO in 2nd round @ RINGS "Luctor et Emergo" in Amstelveen. Tijmen trained during his physiotherapy internship at Baas Sports Curacao, where he says he has grown and learned a lot.
CUMAFE (Curaçao Martial Arts Federation) championships June 6 2009.
In karate the 1st prizes went to Kyon Li, Dorian Vogels, Elfried Josepa and Redferne Regales from Karate Kan Saliña. Exhibitions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Frank Barca from Australia), Capoeira (Grupo Capoeira Brasil Curaçao Payo Marchena), Enshin Full Contact Karate (Raul de Windt and Redferne Regales), Shaolin Fa Men Chuan (Harley Pimienta from Colombia) and boxing (Raymond Winklaar and Edmond Lodowica).
There were several fights and Baas Sports took all 1st places. Fransesco Solaro won Grappling, Paul Piper won MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Joel Adriana won kickboxing.
DJ’s were DJ Lonchi Raymond "Mayron" Juliana and Sherwin Zimmerman.

August 30 Cedric Bacuna (Vos) won the big favorite Anthony Kane (Team Slamm) @ Slamm in Suriname.
Various photo's of Baas Sports @ Radulhus College. Some members received certificates as appreciation for the long time they train; Braizel Crispulo, Reno Best, Daniel Harmsen, Renate Matroos, Ivan Esseboom and Dr. J.R. Krishnadath.

August 2009 the CABA (Curacao Amateur Boxing Association) was re-establishment and Edwin Baas became the president.

World Championship Boxing AIBA 2009 September 1-13 Milan Italia with participation of 554 boxers from 144 countries.
The international boxing world didn't know The Netherlands Antilles, but Benjey Zimmerman changed that. Video
In the Super Heavyweight division (+91 kg) he made a great debut. In his first boxing match ever he won Ali Khaleel Salman (red) from Iraq with 11-4.

Prior to this World Championships, Benjey boxed a test match against the current world champion and super heavyweight gold medal winner of the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 Roberto Cammarelle from Italy. This went so well that Camarelle asked Benjey to be his sparring partner.
In the pictures; Camarelle, Domenico Valentino (won just like Camarelle gold for Italy during this World Cup), Macedonia, Slovenia, Malta, Scotland, Congo, Switzerland, Gambia, Grenada, Jamaica, US Virgin Islands, Panama, Bahamas, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, Samoa, Team USA, etc.

Edwin Baas who traveled from Milan to Curacao via The Netherlands stayed a couple of days in The Netherlands.
Baas gave a guest training at MT Gym (Picture Baas with old students; Peter Reffenrath, Boubkar Belkasmi, Marcel Takken en Ed Oosterbaan) and visited the M-1 office, Marc Van Keulen (and his partner Esmeralda and her daughter Michelle), Eagle gym from Dew Jagernath and trainer/multiply champion Gilbert Ballentine, Gym Haarlem with owner/champion Ridouan El Asrouti and old student Arno Hermans, Albert Bouma @ Budovereniging ‘Zelfverdediging In de Toelast’, Press conference "Fighters of the Caribbean".

October 31 2009 CUMAFE beachtraining with guest trainers; former Dutch champion boxing and artist Ruben La Cruz and former Thaibokser champion Vincent Dap, trainer of "The Gym" Suriname.

Foto’s van Ruben La Cruz van o.a. Griekenland, waar hij een 3de plaats won tijdens het Europees Kampioenschap en toen hij in 1979 gehuldigd werd als Nederlands kampioen. Harry Houwaard zijn toenmalige trainer staat naast hem, groepsfoto’s van Athene en Spanje in 1981, waar derde werd.

October 2009 Richel Hersisia won Jaroslav Zavorotni (Ukraine) during his come-back @ the Ben Bril Memorial in Carré Amsterdam. November 14 Hersisia won Frank Kary Roth (Germany) by TKO 2nd round.
Hersisia's record is 32 wins and 3 losses against Ray Mercer, Taras Bidenko and Audley Harrison. The heavyweight won the WBF title in professional boxing en fought several times in Curaçao, where he has born.
November 2009 Suriël Hooker became Dutch champion A-class middleweight (69-75 kg).
December 6 Benjey Zimmerman won Aleksandar Novovic.
November 21 2009 Edmond Lodowica joined an “updating seminar” for referees in Sto. Domingo, organized by the American Boxing Confederation (from AIBA). 21 countries took part like; Bahamas, Bermuda, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Curacao, Ecuador, United States, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Dominica, Brazil, Saint Marteen, Colombia, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.

The first edition of ‘Fighters of the Caribbean’ took place November 28 2009. Edwin Baas with CUMAFE joined forces with Angelo Rosalia, who organized with Next Generation Warriors in The Netherlands. Rosalia coined the name "Fighters of the Caribbean" which was derived from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" and made it also possible that the main event was an international A-class fight.
After exhibitions in Capoeira, Enshin karate by Raul de Windt and karate fights of Redferne Regales, Jarreth Martina, Ralph van de Linde and Zeno Inecia, there was a female exhibition fight between Tessa Jansen (Baas Sports) and Hyvenella Hariquez (Thai Flying Dragon).
In the first real fight there was a victory for Porres Sarabia and in the following international fights Team Martinique and Junior Philips from St. Maarten made a good impression by winning their fights.
The co-main-event was won by Danny “Warwaru” van der Veen from Baas Sports Curacao, who won his opponent from Sint Maarten.
In the main event, an international A-class fight, Cedrick "Tula" Copra (Fightclub Lloyd van Dams The Netherlands, but representing Curacao) won after 5 rounds of 3 minutes Remco Hisken from The Netherlands. Video

Group from The Netherlands with Angelo Meola, Remco Hisken, Cedrick Copra, Darren Simon, Angelo Rosalia, Dwight Culbard, Ali Esardik, Lloyd van Dams, and more. @ Television program "Dushi bida" hosted by Ryan de Jongh.

The Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko, born 1976 in Ukraine, lives in Russia and is since 2003 considered as the best fighter in the world.
In December 2009 the heavyweight champion with the nickname "The Last Emperor" visited Curacao. At that moment he was undefeated since his only loss was quite debatable. During the first meeting with Tsuyoshi Kohsaka in Japan, the fight was stopped due to an injury. However, the injury was caused by a foul. After this fight Fedor won the same Tsuyoshi Kohsaka. Fedor also won Brett Rogers, Andrei Arlovski, Tim Sylvia, Hong Man Choi, Matt Lindland, Mark Hunt, Mark Coleman (2x), Zuluzinho, Mirko “Crocop” Filipovic, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira (2x), Naoya Ogawa, Kevin Randleman, Yuji Nagata, Gary Goodridge, Kazuyuki Fujita, Egidijus Valavicius, Heath Herring, Sem Schilt, Chris Haseman, Lee Hasdell, Ryushi Yanagisawa, Renato Sobral, Kerry Schall, Mihail Apostolov, Ricardo Arona, Hiroya Takada, Levon Lagvilava, Martin Lazarov, etc.

Fedor Emelianenko is not only the best in his sport, but he is also a rolemodel, a good example for a sportsman and martial artist. He is calm and controlled, naturally trained not inflated with steroids or other doping, do not trash talk and shows at all times respect for the opponent and is therefore respected.

Edwin Baas knows the team of Fedor very well and Curacao had the honor to receive a visit of Fedor.
December 5 2009 Fedor arrived in company of his wife Marina Emelianenko, Anthony Mulder and Apy Echteld of M-1 Global on Curacao International Airport. Manager Vadim Finkelchtein arrived a few days later. A MMA team from Aruba came to Curacao to meet Fedor.
Baas and Fedor look-a-like Berry Wouters from DeliCaribbean organized a fundraising activity with Fedor and December 14 Fedor handed over a cheque (raised voluntary contributions during this activity) to Henk Kamsteeg, director of the foundation De SGR group/ Fudashon Verriet for people with a disabilities.
While Fedor was in Curacao,he was in his home country named Russia's Best athlete.

Next to all the guests that are mentioned earlier you can find in the above photo compilation more important guests that visited Baas Sports Curacao in 2009, like; Ivan Sprang (Trainer @ Houwaart Den Haag, former world champion), Franklin Kambel (trainer @ Vos gym Amsterdam), Barry Robinson Jr. (Top trainer from USA), Rodney Ernst (Boxing 82), Clarence Thompson (Mandingo Gym/ Pro-Fighters/ Team Slamm Trainer @ Amsterdam Zuid-Oost), Elvis Todd (Jurojin Leiden), Kader Ben ali (Benali gym), Noel Twight (A class fighter Mejiro gym Amsterdam, trainer @ Twight Gym Hilversum), Juve Martha (Team Pinas/ Ton Seansuk Gym Spijkenisse), Rion Rijker (Vos gym Amsterdam) with his father Glenn Rijker (former vice-president CUMAFE), Jemyma Betrian, Robertico Martis, Roderick de Haseth (Goldon Glory Helmond), Shihan Wilfred Burgos (6 dan black belt kyokushinkai) from Suriname, Luigi Kwas.

Happy holidays and best wishes
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