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2017 was very successful for Baas Sports Curacao. Till now (July) the fighters from Baas Sports won all competitions.
In the photocompilation below some of international guests we had; Carlos Yvel (Team Yvel Suriname), Dennis Rock (Rock Gym Zaandam), Kader Benali (Benali gym Noord-Scharwoude), comedians/actors Howard Komproe, Everon Jackson Hooi and Jetty Mathurin, Jemyma Betrian, in groups pic David-Lee Winklaar (Topteam Bonaire), Khalid Redouani (Gym Haarlem), Roel Mannaart and Sharon Mannaart (son and daughter of Andre Mannaart Mejiro gym), Rachel Adamus (Vos gym), Jamal Baali, Youssef Akhnikh (Yousefit), Vincent Latoel and Abdulkader "Abdi" Mohamoud (Tatsujin Dojo), Mousid Akamrana (Mousid gym), Ajuau and Mounir Majdoubi (Ajuau & Etta Gym), Redouan Cairo (Mousid gym), Carlos Salazar and Pablo Diaz (Venezuela), Simon v.d. Veen (Team v/d Veen), Widjai Thakoer and Domelzo Schet (Team Yvel Suriname).

Jemyma "The Golden Girl" Betrian gave a special training at Baas Sports Curacao. Jemyma, born in Curacao in 1991, is multiple world champion and European champion Muay Thai and kickboxing. She also won the European Pro-Boxing title and is active in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Photo's made by Jacinto de Jesus.

Another special guest @ Baas Sports Curacao. My mattie Khalid Redouani, who trained at Baas Haarlem before I went to Curacao in August 2001. Khalid was very successful in competitions and won a lot of Thai boxing fights. Khalid still trains at Gym Haarlem under supervision of Riduan El Assrouti.

March 2017 we had a group of top fighters and trainers from Amsterdam at Baas Sports Curacao.
The group consisted of Roel Mannaart, Sharon Mannaart, Rachel Adamus and Jamal Baali.
Roel and Sharon Mannaart are son and daughter of the well-known former world champion Andre Mannaart from Mejiro gym Amsterdam. Both, Roel and Sharon, are very successful in Thai-kickboxing competitions. A-class fighter and trainer Roel Mannaart just came from the USA where he was invited to train with former UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.
Rachel Adamus from Vos Gym Amsterdam is also an A-class fighter and even World Champion Muay Thai.
Jamal Baali is a also great Personal trainer.
March 6th Roel Mannaart gave a special guest training in the typical Mejiro gym style at Baas Sports.

May 13 2017 Ginuwine Mercelina (Baas Sports Curacao) won his boxing debut in a practice fight (not an official boxing bout because it was not in a boxing ring).
For Marc Flameling who weighted 49,5 kg there was no opponent.
Grego Scharbaai did an exhibition bout with former world champion Renato Haseth.

After 1,5 year Denzel Maria had a fight again. At the Bari gym event he won in the 2nd round by KO with a Superman punch.
Proud posing with the flag of Curacao after the fight.

May 22nd 2017 the Martial Kids of Baas Sports Curacao did exam.
Congratulations to all graduates, who received their certificate.
Yellow; Jewel-Anne Candelaria, Zane Mercelina, Liv Jacobs, Phoenix Strobos, Hanshal Aswani, Melle van de Looij, Tyrone Virginia, Diordan Symor, Boris Jaeqx, Capar Jaeqx, Jean-Rae Rafaela
Orange: Jaylen Sandy, Jaydon Dania, Gunnar Sendar, Ajeandro Rafaela
Green; Zidane Candelaria, Vincent Bakker, Maarten Rats

The fighters from Baas Sports Curacao showed who was De Vechters Baas @ HONOR Fight League, May 27 2017 @ SDK.
Eli van Nierop won his MMA fight against Joey Gogulski (Pro-Fit) by submission in the 2nd round. In Thai-boxing Ginuwine Mercelina won Aruba by RSC and Grego Scharbaai won The Netherlands by unanimous decision. Grego's opponent was undefeated till this moment.

May 23 Youssef Akhnikh gave a refreshment training for the referees and judges of CUMAFE. Former champion Youssef Akhnikh is a highly-skilled referee of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) and Federation FOG section ringcontactsports, recognized by NOC*NSF.
In the compilation of photos of Youssef Akhnikh in action as referee. Photos above from Sint Maarten 2011, at the left weighing Jean-Louis Ignatius from Baas Sports Curacao, at the right during a fight of Jemyma Betrian. Photos below in the middle at World Fighting League in Almere, April 23rd this year, at the right at Super Combat in Romania.

CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) organizes September 30 @ SDK 'A Tribute to Ibi Zimmerman" with boxers from Baas Sports, Profit, Attaf Fighting Factory, Jab Jab Kòrsou, Kamakura, Curacao Fighting School, No Limit Boxing Team, Bonaire and AruBox (Aruba Boxing Association).

Hubert "Ibi" Zimmerman, born in Curacao 1951, made his professional debut in 1974 and won many titles like the Curacao title, the Kingdom title, the Inter-Americana title and in 1988 in US Virgin Islands the IBF Inter-Continental light heavyweight title after beating Tomas Ruiz Polo. As one of the first international professional boxing champions from Curacao, he has the best record with more than 30 victories and only 5 losses.
Ibi's last two bouts were against two well-known major champions from Holland. In 1981 Ibi won European Champion Pedro van Raamsdonk by Knock-Out. In 1992 he lost during his last bout against World Champion "Fast Eddy" Smulders. This was no shame, because the experienced Smulders was at that time 12 years younger and undefeated.
The Zimmerman family from Boca San Michiel (Boca Sami) is known as a boxing family. Ibi’s younger brothers Chucu Zimmerman and Marcelo "Cheo" Zimmerman also won international pro-boxing titles.

Hereby we announce this years "Fighters of the Caribbean", that will be organized by Angelo Rosalia from Next Generation Warriors, Saturday October 21, 2017 at the International School of Curacao.

Earlier editions of “Fighters of the Caribbean” with participation of Suriname, Martinique, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Saint Martin (French part), Aruba, Bonaire, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, USA, Morocco, The Netherlands and Curacao, were all successful.
We are looking forward to even greater success at This year’s event, the 6th edition of Fighters of the Caribbean.
What will be new, is that we will introduce a fight week, different activities in the week before the fight night. One of the activities will be a seminar by special guest Germaine de Ramdanie, the current UFC champion.
The main event is not only a high level one, but also a very special one.
YDK (Yiu di Korsou) Cedric Bacuna who fought worldwide will fight his farewell fight on his own island, su dushi Korsou.
Cedric fought more than 80 Muay Thai and kickboxing fights and won many great fighters, like the world champion Wanlop Sitpholek from Thailand. One of his highlights was in 2011 by winning the Championship belt of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) in the A-class Middleweight (-72,5 kg.).
Cedric lives in Groningen and trains in Amsterdam at Vos Gym under guidance of Ivan Hippolyte. You need a lot of discipline to travel 4 hours a day (2 hours and 2 hours back) to practice your sport.
His opponent is not an easy one at all.
Anouar Lahmaj (26 years) is an upcoming pro Kickboxing fighter from Moroccan origin.
He fights out of the Slamm team and trains at Days Gym in Almere, under guidance of Dayon Mugra.
He is selected to fight in the international promotion of Enfusion and will make his debut in Thailand next month, in July.
He has a aggressive style and always brings action in the ring.

A little history of “Fighters of the Caribbean”.
Since 2004 Edwin Baas from Baas Sports organizes with the Curacao Martial Arts Federation (CUMAFE) different Martial Arts and Combat sports events, like international fight nights. In 2008 Baas made plans with Angelo Rosalia from Next Generation Warriors & Panther martial arts management for “Fighters of the Caribbean”.

The 1st edition of “Fighters of the Caribbean” took place in 2009. Rosalia made an international A-class Muay Thai fight possible between Cedrick “Tula” Copra and Remco Hisken. Copra won his Dutch opponent after 5 rounds of 3 minutes.

A year later, during the 2nd edition in 2010, Denise Kielholtz won after 5 rounds Muay-Thai the main event vs Ouasila Nasseri.

At the 3rd edition of “Fighters of the Caribbean” in 2012 Milangelo Eugenio won in the main event Hassell from Aruba. With this victory in the A-class the fighter from Baas Sports Curaçao won the Caribbean championship title belt of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association). The co-main event, an international MMA fight, was won with a 1st round KO by Mohamed Hussein from Baas Sports Curacao.

The same Mohamed Hussein won in 2014 the main event of the 4th edition. Hussein won his Pro-MMA fight by submission in the 1st round.

At the 5th edition of “Fighters of the Caribbean”, in 2015, Joshua Karsters (Suriname) won the Caribbean WMTA championship belt by winning Akeem Lewis (Sint Maarten).

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