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Kickboxing World Champion and Boxing Champion Wendell Roche was January 2018 in Curacao and gave training at Baas Sports and Parasasa beach.
Wendell Roche, born in Curacao (1970), started with boxing and became Dutch champion in three different weight-classes. After 18 years boxing he made the switch to Muay Thai and kickboxing and became world champion. Wendell fought more than 300 fights world-wide, to mention some countries; England, Poland, Thailand, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Macedonia, France, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, The Netherlands. Some of the opponents were Errol Zimmerman, Gökhan Saki, Stefan Leko, etc. Wendell holds an amazing achievement in being the only man to ever defeat the kickboxing great Ginty Vrede. In 2013 Wendell won in Tenerife (Spain) the Enfusion world title -90 kg.
Wendell trained 3 years with Peter Aerts and was sparring-partner of Remy Bonjasky, Thiago Silva in Miami and Mirco Crocop in Croatia.
As trainer he was also international active. Wendell lives in Beirut (Lebanon) and is trainer of the Lebanese national team.

Yassine & Chairi Al Andaloussi @ Baas Sports Curacao.

Edwin Baas loves to teach aggression management, especially to great students like these from Stichting IFE Curaçao.

February 9 Edwin Baas gave Martial Arts training to nine groups/classes of the Divi divi school. Marcel Piepenbrink gave lessons in judo to the same students.

In the carnival period (February) we had a special guest training at Baas Sports Curacao. A-class Muay Thai kickboxer Shanice Jos efina from Mejiro Gym Amsterdam. Shanice trained before at Baas Sports when she was in Curacao and she also took part at the reunion training that Edwin Baas gave in Haarlem 2013 @ MT gym.
Despite celebrating carnival, she also had to prepare for a fight in Portugal against Micaela Varela. Shanice won this fight March 10 2018.

It was very nice to have Justin Do Rego back at our training (see bigger pic in the center). Justin is one of the many young people that left Curacao few years ago to continue study in The Netherlands. Justin started to train at Baas Sports Curacao, when he was a little kid and developed both physically and mentally, from little boy to young man. Main reason for Justin to visit Curacao was celebrating the birthday of his mother.

Another special guest at Baas Sports was Clarence Thompson with his ladies (his partner Denifa and his lovely little daughter). Clarence is a former pro fighter in MMA and Muay Thai kickboxing and represented Pro-Fighters/ Mandingo Gym/ Team Slamm. After his fighting career he became trainer of MAS (Martial Arts Society) in Amsterdam South-East. In the other photos some other great memories with Clarence who is also a great person in general.

March 24 2018 3 youngsters from Baas Sports, Jaydon Dania (13 years), Eli van Nierop (16 years) and Ginuwine Kwidama (17 years), dominated at the training fights Thai boxing. Different teams participated at this great day of sportsmanship.

Ginuwine Kwidama in action during an exhibition at Brionplein on King's day, April 27.

My Abi Murat Ilgen came to Curacao again and also trained at Baas Sports. Since 1991 is Murat my training-partner, schoolmate, colleague, brother, etc. We traveled the whole world for competitions and vacation. Murat also represented Baas Gym Haarlem in the Thai-boxing ring with success.

May 12, 2018 CuraBox (Curacao Boxing Association) presented "Roll wit the punches".

Jaydon Dania (13) did a great job during his ring debut. His opponent was not only 3 years older, also Dutch karate champion and the son of a kickboxing trainer. Two judges had him as winner and 3 his opponent.

Ginuwine Kwidama was the other boxer from Baas Sports and won by unanimous decision, according all 5 judges.

Boxers from different local teams took part, but also from Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten. The best boxer of the event was Davino de Palm (Attaf).

Big Daddy Carlos Blaaker and his sons from MMA Ruthless Fightcompany in da house @ Baas Sports Curacao.

May 22nd workshop 'Safety' for ambulance and CITRO (citizen rescue organization) staff by Ries van Lomwel, Nouche Fleming Nicolaas and Edwin Baas was great and needs a follow-up.

Toppers of Team Tommy van den Berg (former World Champion) in da house at Baas Sports Curacao. Latrell Ceder is in preparation for his semi-pro fight (B-class) at Enfusion Glorious Heroes Presents Enfusion 2018 June 23.

May 25 2018, Wendell Roche, born in Curacao in April 1971, won Igor Kolacin by TKO (Technical Knock-Out) in a K-1 rules kickboxing fight. At the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw Poland, Wendell was announced as winner.

May 28 Edwin Baas teaching @ Marnix College Rio Canario.

That extra Mental Strength to succeed. For years no-one made the 10 times in 1 minute the well-known "left-right kore bai bin" exercise of Baas Sports Curacao. May 31 Ginuwine Kwidama did it, he did it for his father that died as a Hero 6 years ago. Ginuwine's father, Ramsis Kwidama, gave his life to rescue a young kid (12) from drowning in the "Nieuwe Maas" (Rotterdam). Ramsis Kwidama, a Hero from Curacao.

Monday June 11 2018 the Martial Kids of Baas Sports Curacao did exam.

The Martial Kids concept of Baas Sports is specific sports education for youth. Edwin Baas combines his experience with several martial arts and fighting systems with the knowledge from the sport training science, healthcare and physiotherapy.

The lessons and exams contains safety tips, self defense release techniques, techniques of Thai-kickboxing and other fighting systems, but also tests / exercises for the response, static balance, dynamic balance and other physical aspects. Besides the physical aspects, attention is paid to self-confidence, discipline and respect. Because children learn self defense techniques to defend them effectively. This will increase their confidence; the children feel safer and dare to stand up for themselves.

Congratulations to all graduates, who received their certificate. They are:

Yellow: Adeen Mercelina, Elizah Tremus, Qeona Bernardina Young, Key-Shaylee Sling, Key-Shane Sling,Jessy Hovelmann, Sem Hovelmann, Maximiliano Solgnier, Ivar Wemmenhove, Pascalle Wemmenhove, Elian Roosje, Floris Out, Adriel Cleofa, Shubh Wadhwani, Rafael Maduro, Caldrickson Hoyer, Quinlan Haddock.

Orange: Jewel-Ann Candelaria, Diordan Symor, Zane Mercelina, Lisa Toppenberg, Hanshal Aswani, Boris Jaeqx.

Blue: Jaylen Sandy, Zidane Candelaria.

The training takes place in the sports facility of De SGR-Groep (Stichting Gehandicapten- en Revalidatiezorg), Prinsenlaan 5 Emmastad.

Djaluna 11 di yuni 2018 e miembronan hubenil di “Martial Kids” di Baas Sports Kòrsou a pasa nan eksamen.
Ademas di e téknikanan di lucha (entre otro kickboxing), e eksamennan ta konsistí di entre otro, tèstmentu di reakshon, balanse státiko, balanse dinámiko i otro aspektonan físiko/motóriko.
Fuera di e aspekto físiko Arte Marsial ta yudabu desaroyá e parti mental i soshal. E training pa muchanan tambe ta pone atenshon na e konfiansa propio (den bo mes), outo estima, disipliná, rèspèt pa otro i aktitut di hóbennan.
Un pabien pa esnan ku a slag.

Maandag 11 juni 2018 deden de “Martial Kids” van Baas Sports Curacao examen.
Het concept Martial Kids van Baas Sports is specifiek sportonderwijs voor de jeugd, waarbij Edwin Baas zijn ervaring met meerdere vechtsporten en zelfverdedigingsystemen combineert met de kennis uit de trainingsleer, sportgezondheidszorg en fysiotherapie. Edwin Baas is onder meer gediplomeerd sportleraar, fysiotherapeut, Muay Thai kickboxing trainer/coach, KAPAP instructeur en dangraadhouder (zwarte band) in zowel Karate als Taekwondo.
De lessen en examens behandelen veiligheidstips, bevrijdingstechnieken (als men bijvoorbeeld bij de keel of het haar gepakt wordt), technieken uit het Thai-kickboxing en andere vechtsystemen, maar ook uit testen/oefeningen voor de reactie, statische balans, dynamische balans en andere fysieke/motorische aspecten.
Naast de fysieke/ lichamelijke eigenschappen wordt er aandacht besteed aan o.a. weerbaarheid, zelfvertrouwen, discipline en respect.
Door zelfverdedigingtechnieken leren kinderen zich effectief te verdedigen. Hierdoor wordt hun zelfvertrouwen groter, voelen de kinderen zich veiliger en durven voor zich zelf op te komen.
Binnen deze groep staat ook het spelelement centraal en wordt door middel van competitie-elementen aangeleerd om op een goede manier met verlies en winst om te gaan.
Felicitaties voor de geslaagden.

Despite the holiday period, graduation ceremonies, many other activities and many cancellations for various reasons, fortunately there was a big attendance during the special seminar given by current Bellator Kickboxing world champion and 6-time world champion Miss Dynamite Denise Kielholtz.
Denise Kielholtz Gerges masha masha danki for the great training where there was a good balance between technique and conditional exercises.
Denise C Kielholtz Gerges is not only a great champion in the ring and the cage, also outside the ring and the cage she is a great, very spontaneous, sympathetic and beautiful young lady with her heart in the right place. The proceeds of this seminar she donated to the Team FightAble of Fundashon Verriet De SGR-Groep, a group of people with disabilities, who show that they also have a lot of abilities and are able to practice boxing and martial arts in an appropriate way.
Denise have a nice flight back to The Netherlands, and success with picking up the training with your man Hesdy Gerges at Mousid Akhamrane of Mousid Gym . Also a good flight to Rome next week and greetings to Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Training & Fitness Center,
Again a lot of thanks and a lot of love. see you soon.
Thanks not only from the members of Baas Sports Curacao De Vechters Baas, but also Gideon Jonker from Pro-Fit, Pro-Fit members and Marcel Piepenbrink from MMA Caribbean for your attendence.

Baas Sports theme by Full Force (2007)
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Denise Kielholtz Gerges @ Curacao

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