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April 21 2010 Martial Kids exams
Baas Sports was very successful at local competitions.
May 30 2010 there were 7 boxing bouts under supervision of CABA with 5 victories for Baas Sports. Dudley Thokaai, Argenio Pieters, Braizel Crispulo, Givanni Schaap and Justin Gogulski, all won their bout.
At the 2010 CUMAFE championships Argenio Pieters and Giwanni Schaap won 1st prizes @ kickboxing.
At “Honor and Respect”; Gionny Koeyers, Dudley Thokaai, Argenio Pieters, Braizel Crispulo, Justin Gogulski, Gideon Jonker and Paul Piper.

In the picture below some of the guest @ Baas Sports Curacao in 2010.
Johan Visscher (multiple Dutch A-class Heavyweight champion), Godfried "Chofie" Balijn, Angelo Simson (Muay Thai champion, trainer/coach and promoter from Surinam), Jimmy Freeman (bpxtrainer and strongest man of the Netherlands), Angelo Rosalia, Raymond Winklaar, Dean Jamel Craig (Sitan Gym NY USA), Mounir (Boxer from Belgium), Marieke Post (A-class fighter), Errol Zimmerman, who won May 21 2010 @ K-1 Romania Cătălin "The Carpathian Death" Moroşanu by TKO 1st round, Benjey Zimmerman, who had a great year (scroll down) and Jemyma Betrian who also had a lot of victories in 2010.

2010 was for Jemyma Betrian also a great year. March 17 she won Adriane Marksteiner (Germany), April 17 she won Christine Toledo (USA) in Primm Valley (Las Vegas) and became WBC champion Muay Thai, October 9 Jemyma won Liuba Mockeviciene by 1st round KO in Lithuania and November 6 she won Linda Ooms by KO in 2nd round and won the European WFCA title.

Benjey Zimmerman won silver @ CAC-games (Central American and Caribbean games) in Mayagüez Puerto Rico. July 25 Benjey won Clayton Laurent (Virgins Islands), July 27 Benjey won semi-final Tariq Hagg (Trinidad & Tobago) and in final July 30 Gerardo Bisbal (Puerto Rico).
Benjey also won Aleksandar Novovic, Frank Muñoz and Bas van de Muijsenberg in kickboxing.
November 2010 Benjey moved to Milan to take part of the Milano Thunder team in the World Series of Boxing (WSB). December 11 he won in Moskow the Russian Arbi Madaev (silver @ European Championship). Benjey had the last match and Milano Thunder vs Kremlin Bears was on that moment 2-2. Because of Benjey's victory Milano won with 3-2.

September 12 2010 Masterclass Aggression Management by Carl Blijd (kinder- & jeugdpsychiater) @ BAO TRIEU Groningen.

Fightclub Lloyd van Dams Utrecht (Edwin Baas, Cedrick "Tula" Copra, Lloyd van Dams, Darren Simon, Robert, multiple champion Khalid Bourdif, Justin Gogulski, Zurreyl Simon, Argenio Pieters, Jamal van Dams). Photo right-below victory of Zurreyl Simon, son of Darren, @ Next Generation Warriors May 2nd.

Rock Gym Zaandam. September 18 Roderick de Haseth @ “Warriors of the North” in Drachten for Dutch heavyweight title Muay Thai.

Kops Gym Amsterdam (Donovan Lang en Bert Kops), De Haagse Directe (Richel Hersisia en Daniel Ghita) Vos Gym Amsterdam (Orinta van der Zee, Michael Babb, Cedric Bacuna, Miles Simson), All Fit Gym/Team Gunyar (Suleyman Gunyar, Marlon, Jernildo en Riley Kersout).
For Cedric Bacuna was 2010 a good year. January 24 he won Youssef Akhnikh @ Beat Down and October 16 he fought a draw vs Rene Schick (Germany) in Emmen.

September 18 2010 Autimio "AC" Antonia won in main event @ “Beast of the East” in Zutphen in the 2nd round big favorite Jan Henneken from Zutphen. Antonia, born in Curacao, started his sports career in American football. He was not young anymore when he got involved with the martial arts. November 2002 he made his MMA debut and won Ricardo Turky. After this fight het fought a lot of MMA bouts against many big names like; Valentine Overeem, in Germany Moise Rimbon (USA), in Austria Kaman Georgiev (Bulgaria) and in Slovak Republic Ján Antoška (Slovakia).

Jemyma Betrian should fight Titiana van Polanen Petel for the WMTA title September 25 2010, but Titiana cancelled a week before the fight. Denise Kielholtz did fight and even 3 times in 1 night. After 3 victories Denise won the ladies tournament. Earlier this year Denise won Arianna Salatino (Pro Fighting Romein) in Rome Italia May 23 and also she won Lindsay Scheer (USA) in Paramaribo Suriname August 29.

At the Dutch Championships of the NBB (Nederlandse Boks Bond) September 2010 in Nieuwegein, Argenio Pieters (bantamweight 52-56 kg)and Justin Gogulski (lightweight 56-60 kg), both made it to the finals.
Lirou Pinedo became Dutch Champion heavyweight (81-91 kg) after 4 victories September 18, 19, 25 and 26. Pindeo is trained by Innocent Anyanwu and Ilona van Lenten at Kops gym.

Reunion bowling with Taekyon Haarlem (pic below at the left).
Glen Huisman and Tim van Duijn of the WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) donated boxing gloves (pic below at the right).

At the 2nd edition of ‘FIGHTERS OF THE CARIBBEAN’, November 6 2010, Baas Sports Curacao had 8 fighters participating in international fights and the result was 6 victories and only 2 losses.
Braizel Crispulo (Baas Sports Curacao) won Kyle Janzen (Kamakura Bonaire)
Ruben Schot (Baas Sports Curacao) won Willem van Luijk (Kamakura Bonaire)
Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports Curacao) draw vs Ogilvy Sietajen (Simson Gym Suriname)
Omar Marsham (Marco London Sint Maarten) won Jonathan Paulina (Baas Sports Curacao)
Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports Curacao) won Roy Yithoe (Simson gym Suriname)
Joost Mulder (Baas Sports Curacao) won Marvin Adamy (Martinique)
Yves Sebastien (Martinique) won Dean Jamel Craig (Sitan Gym USA)
Raul Franciska (Baas Sports Curacao) won Ramon Baray (Marco London Sint Maarten)
William Adamy (Martinique) won Danny van der Veen (Baas Sports Curacao)
Denise Kielholtz/Pieternella (Curacao/ NL) won Ouasila Nasseri (Maroc/ NL)

Braizel Crispulo (Baas Sports Curacao) 78kg won Kyle Janzen (Kamakura Bonaire) 79kg.

Ruben Schot (Baas Sports Curacao) 80,2kg won Willem van Luijk (Kamakura Bonaire) 79,2 kg by retirement 2nd round.

Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports Curacao) 53,8kg DRAW (30-30 29-29 29-29)vs Ogilvy Sietajen (Simson Gym Suriname) 53,8kg.

Omar Marsham (Marco London Sint Maarten) 73,9kg won Jonathan Paulina (Baas Sports Curacao) 71,9 kg on points.

Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports Curaçao) 59,9kg won Roy Yithoe (Simson gym Suriname) 56,6kg

Joost Mulder (Baas Sports Curacao) 67,6kg won Marvin Adamy (Martinique) 66,5kg

Yves Sebastien (Martinique) 76,1kg won Dean Jamel Craig (Sitan Gym USA) 73,1kg

Raul Franciska (Baas Sports Curacao) 85,5kg won Ramon Baray (Marco London Sint Maarten) 86,1kg by TKO 2nd round.

William Adamy (Martinique) won Danny van der Veen (Baas Sports Curacao)

The main fight was between two women. This sport is practiced equally seriously by women as by men and the level of women is no less than that of men.
Denise Kielholtz/ Pieternella (Curacao/ Days gym NL) 17-2-0 58 kg vs Ouasila Naseri (Morocco/Team Suboxer NL) 15-3-0 59 kg.
Ouasila came in the familiar shootboxing outfit AS Sports (Andy Souwer) and Denise in a muaythai short of the flag of Curacao. After five full rounds the victory went to Denise in the blue corner with an unanimous decision of 50-47, 50-47 and 50-48.
The trophy was presented by Chicho Betrian, father of world champion Muay Thai Jemyma Betrian, who won the same day (November 6) in Rotterdam the European title.

Pictures by Johar Buxani and Chris van der Meijde for www.mixfight.nl

Kevin Heyer, born in Curacao in 1996, from Day's gym Almere won fought in the end of November and December 2010 4 fights and won all 4.
November 21 2010 Kevin Heyer (14) won by KO in the 2nd round Joop Nijman (17), Son of Hans Nijman, from Top Team Beverwijk.
December 4 2010 @ Next Generation Warriors, organized by Angelo Rosalia, Kevin won by RSC 1st round Jeffrey Clark (Remy Bonjasky).
December 12 2010, Kevin won Karim el Amri (Lotus gym Utrecht). December 19, Kevin won in 2nd round Anass Tanan (Mhassani gym).
Sevaio Mook (also YDK and from Days) fought a draw 12-12-10 and 19-12-10 Sevaiowon won, just like Kevin, by KO in the 2nd round.

Baas Sports theme by Full Force (2007)
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