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Errol Zimmerman, born in April 1986 from Antillean and Surinamese parents, represented Curaçao in the K-1 and Glory. Therefore millions of people worldwide discovered Curacao during his performances in Japan, Korea, USA, Russia and other countries.

The heavy weight of 100 kg and 1.90 m long has a record of more than 100 fights.
Errol is part of the Golden Glory team, consisting of champions including Errol's cousin Benjey Zimmerman.

Errol was initially set to face Ben Edwards in the main event of Glory 15: Istanbul in Istanbul, Turkey on 12 April 2014 but the match was transferred to the semi-finals of the Glory 16: Denver - Heavyweight Contendership Tournament in Broomfield, Colorado, US on May 3, 2014. He stopped Edwards in round one, scoring two knockdowns over the Australian, before giving an almost identical performance in the final against Anderson "Braddock" Silva as he knocked his Brazilian opponent down three times to win via another first round TKO and take the tournament crown. Zimmerman stated in the post-fight press conference that he would have retired had he lost in the tournament.
He TKO'd Hesdy Gerges (Egypt/NL) in round three of the tournament reserve match at Glory 11: Chicago - Heavyweight World Championship Tournament in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States on October 12, 2013.
Errol won March 23, 2012 in Moscow, Russia, the Frenchman Jerome Le Banner by KO (knockout) in the 1st round.
January 28 2012 Errol knocked out Rico Verhoeven in the first round knockout at It's Showtime.
2011 was also a good year for Errol Zimmerman, as he won all six fights that year, of which as many as five quick knockout victories.
In Romania (17-11-2011) he won in 1 night 3 fights by KO (knockout) during the World Grand Prix, an 8-man tournament K-1 rules.
Errol won by KO 1st round KO Sebastian van Thielen from Belgium, 1st round KO the Croat Stefan Leko from Germany and in the final Zimmerman won by KO again. In the final he kicked the Czech Kleibl Roman hard on the head whit result a heavy knockout.
In Germany (28-8-2011) he won within 15 seconds of the first round by knock out the Russian Nikolai Falin.
In Moscow, Russia (28-5-2011) he won Mourad Bouzidi (Tunisia)
In Belgium (19-3-2011) he won within 33 seconds by technical knockout (Referee Stoppage) Zinedine Hameur Lain from France.
May 21 2010 @ K-1 in Romania he won even faster. Just 10 seconds of the first round he won Cătălin "The Carpathian Death" Morosanu by Referee Stoppage.

Training @ Baas Sports Curaçao, February 2010, from left to right: Justin Gogulski, Edwin Baas, Jemyma Betrian, Errol Zimmerman, Johan Visscher.

Errol wins K-1 World GP tournament in Amsterdam Arena 2008. Errol won Bjorn Breggy (Switserland), Atilla Karacs (Hongary) and in the final Zabit Samedov (Belarus).
Errol wins Teixeira (Brazil) @ K-1 Final 8 Japan 2008.
Errol vs Badr Hari (Maroc) @ K-1 semi-final 2008.
Superfight Errol Zimmerman (Curaçao) vs Peter Aerts (Holland) K-1 World Grand Prix March 28 2009 Yokohama (Japan).

Errol Zimmerman ku viktoria riba Glaube Feitosa na Seoul
La Prensa 28-09-2009
SEOUL, KOREA, - Djasabra anochi Errol Zimmerman di Kòrsou na Seoul, Sur Korea a sabi di tene e bandera di Kòrsou na haltu. E mucha hòmber di 23 aña ku tin mayornan yu di Kòrsou i di Sürnam ta biba na Ulanda, pero a representá Kòrsou den e sirkuito K-1.

Errol ta primu di Benjey Zimmerman, ku un par di siman pasá huntu ku Edwin Baas tabata na Italia durante di e Kampionato di Bòkseo, a pone Antia Ulandes riba mapa.

Errol Zimmerman a gana na Seoul di e brasileño Glaube Feitosa i klasifiká di e manera aki den e Final 8 na Hapon.

Esaki lo bai tuma lugá na desèmber di e aña aki, kaminda den e torneo aki lo bai tin nòmbernan grandi manera Sem Schilt, Remy Bonjasky, Alistair Overeem, Badr Hari, Jerome Le Banner, Ruslan Karaev, Ewerton Teixeira i tambe Errol Zimmerman.
Errol Zimmerman (Curacao) wins Glaube Feitosa (Brasil) @ K-1 Seoul South-Korea September 26 2009.
Errol wins Wendell Roche 2009.
-1 Finals Errol vs Remy Bonjasky, 3-time K-1 champion.

K-1 Super Heavyweight Title Match: Semmy Schilt (Holland/ Champion) vs Errol Zimmerman (Curacao/ Challenger) April 3 2010 in Japan. Sem "Hightower" Schilt (2.12 meter, 130 kg.) is current and 4 time K-1 grandprix champion an current superheavyweight champion.
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