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Edwin Baas is very proud of all his fighters that represented Baas Sports Curacao in 2014 at competitions, exhibitions, exams and other activities.

Nataly Ogenio (Baas Sports Curacao) won in boxing @ Betico Croes Day (January 25 2015) Aruba by RSC (Referee stops contest) in the 3rd round. Video
The other boxer from Curacao, Lloyd Hinds (Attaf), won also. He won by unanimous decision.

Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein from Baas Sports Curacao won February 22nd 2014 his MMA fight in Russia. Hussein fought the main event in Birobichan Russia and was clearly the better fighter. This was necessary to convince the jury and prevent home advantage, because the other Yiu di Korsou Michell Adelina, who lives in The Netherlands and is European Champion MMA also fought a good fight, but the victory went to his opponent who had home advantage. MMA is very big in Russia and not only legal, but also recognized as official sport and is supported by the Russian Government. Video

Earl Blijd, "The Panther of Curacao" gave a guest training at Baas Sports Curacao, that was very appreciated.
Earl Blijd, born 1960 in Curaçao, practices Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu / Wushu since 1979. He won a lot national and international titles like European and world titles. May 6 mei 1995, at the height of his fame and, he was involved in a very serious accident on the A28 at Nulde where there regrettable 4 dead in the wreckage fell. Earl was so badly injured that was feared by the doctors. Sure his life Eventually, he has seven days in a coma. After two reconstructive surgeries of 17 pm and 9 pm, he rehabilitated the Harense Beatrixoord. Here he was an example to his fellow patients. Video Fatal moment
Within six months after his near fatal accident he again had his first demonstration in Germany. After his rehabilitation, he has focused on teaching. Despite the sequelae of severe brain injury, he knows the young and old have to motivate yourself to exercise. Recently, in November 2013, he received in England of Martial Arts Illustrated "Hall of Fame 2013 Award: LEGEND". Edwin Baas: "I not only have tremendous respect and admiration for the prices that Earl has achieved and beautiful demonstrations that have inspired me at a young age, but especially for his mental institution." After heavy traffic accident Earl made ​​the statement "Wees niet bevreesd om langzaam vooruit te komen, maar wel om stil te blijven staan", what means "Do not be afraid to improve slowly but to stand still".

The 4th edition of "Fighters of the Caribbean", May 10 2014, had a fight-card of 6 boxing, 6 Muay Thai Kickboxig and 5 MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) with fighters from Bonaire, Suriname, Sint Maarten, Aruba, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Curacao (teams from Curacao; FC gym, Jab Jab Korsou, Thai Flying Dragon, Kamakura, Curacao SelfMade Fighting Team, Curacao Fighting Team, Attaf Fighting Factory and Baas Sports).
The boxers Leon van Geest (Baas Sports) and Maurits Hennen (Baas Sports) won both their bouts. Hennen won by 1st round KO.
Baas Sports also had 1 Thaiboxer and 2 MMA Fighters on the fight card. Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) won his opponent from Trinidad & Tobago in a Muay Thai kickboxing fight. In MMA Denzel Maria (Baas Sports) and Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) both won their fight. Hussein won the main event by submission in the 1st round.

Video Leon's fight

Video Maurits fight

Video Grego's fight

Video Denzel's fight

Video Mohamed's fight

May 30 Jemyma Betrian, who was in Curacao to prepare for her World title defense, gave in cooperation with Fundashon Bon Intenshon and Edwin Baas an open workout at the International School of Curacao. At night there were boxing competitions.

Djasabra 31 di mei 2014 Dudley Josepa a keda instalá den Salon di Fama di Curaçaose Sport & Olympische Federatie (CSOF).
Dudley Josepa ta e prome karateka den historia di salon di fama.
Naast mede-oprichter van de CurKarBo (Curacaose karate bond) is Dudley medeoprichter en voorzitter van de CUMAFE (Curacao Martial Arts Federation).
As former World Champion karate Dudley Josepa earned the second place In the world classification any categories 200 best/biggest karate fighters of all times among medals taken away in official championships and world cups. Egea (Spain) has 1st place, Pinda (France) 3rd, Otto (Great Brittan) 4th and Suzuki (Japan) 5th.

June 8 2014 Baas Sports gave a show in Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) @ Veneto hotel during Mr. Muscle & Miss Beauty Beach. Besides our combat sports show and the Body Building there was also an Extreme Power Competition.
Participating fighters from Baas Sports under supervision of Edwin Baas were; Emely Wu, Leon van Geest, Justin do Rego, Maurits Hennen, Denzel Maria, Jowi Adriana, Tyrique Brown, Kevin Scharbaai, Grego Scharbaai, Aemil Palm, Redferne Regales, Della Leito, Jhonny Camargo, Marlon Pacheco and referee Jonathan Symor. CSFT Tera Kora under supervision of Leonard Suares was also present with Rowengelo Boutisma and Mayson Ambrotius.
June 15 (Father’s day) Baas Sports Curacao and Curacao Selfmade Fighting Team gave a great show in Boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) @ Rancho Criadero El Hijo de David.
June 21 2014 three fighters from Baas Sports, Marlon Pacheco, Jhonny Camargo and David Curiel, participated at the Medina grappling competition.

June 21 2014 Chellina Chirino won during FightFans in Amsterdam by retirement (TKO) in the 2nd round. Chellina is only 15 years young, has more than 30 Thai-kickboxing fights, is beholder of 5 championship belts (European title MuayThai) and also has Olympic judo ambitions. She lives in Almere, but trains at Vos Gym in Amsterdam. May/June 2014 she was in Curacao and trained at Baas Sports.

June 26 2014 the Martial Kids of Baas Sports Curacao did exam. Congratulations to all graduates; Sheftely Roosje, Chiara Bakker, Timothy Toonen, Zeggean Rauis, Sandy Walden, Kenzo Jordaan, Maarten Rats, Kiran Winterberg, Lucio Winterberg, Jay van der Brink, Joel Hup, Xandro Varlack, Gion Engelhardt, Sirio van Es, Dean Kramer and Dyhzion de Jonker.
Aruba, July 19 2014, Maurits Hennen (92.7 kg) Baas Sports Curacao won Halroye "Ali" Hudson (123.2 kg) Aruba. Lloyd Hinds from Attaf Fighting Factory Curacao also won his boxing match.  

September 27 Tyrique Brown and Kevin Codon from Baas Sports did a great job by representing Curacao in Aruba in great performances. Video

October 27 2014 the talented Thai-kickboxers Roy en Nick van Heugten went to Italy, to represent The Netherlands at the Unified World championships Kickboxing K-1 rules and Muay-Thai. Roy and Nick won their opponents from countries like England, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic and both qualified for the finals in as well K1 and Muay Thai on November 2nd 2014.
Roy, Nick, their brother Mike and sister Joyce started training in Curacao at Baas Sports until July 2013 when the family Van Heugten moved to the Netherlands. They continued training at Lumpini gym in Roermond.
Results at the Unified World championships:
Roy van Heugten World Champion K1 and World Champion Muay-Thai in the weight class -32kg
Nick van Heugten Vice-World Champion K1 and Vice-World Champion Muay-Thai in the weight class -40kg

Another Thai-kickboxer who started at Baas Sports Curacao was very successful this year.
Sandro Martis who lives in The Netherlands right now and trains at Aihato won October 11 2014 in Germany by knock -out and October 25 2014 he won again a German opponent by Knock Out with a knee to the head.
Earlier this year he also won some fights and Sandro’s record is 18 fights, 13 wins , 4 lost four and 1 draw. Most fights he won by knockout.

Edwin Baas is satisfied about the results of his students, Irving Francisca and Grego Scharbaai, during the Muay Thai Kickboxing fights in Aruba, November 8 2014. Both had very good and very strong opponents, who did not make it easy, but they were not good enough to win the fighters from Baas Sports Curacao.

November 29 2014 Dominance 4 took place with 7 MMA and 2 Boxing bouts. In the co-main event Jose Borrome (Venezuela) won Jean-Marc Howell (Aruba). The main event and The Rematch between Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein (Curacao) and Evan Nedd (Aruba) was won by Hussein.
The fight card contained more fighters from Baas Sports Curacao; Maurits Hennen fought an international boxing match, Grego Scharbaai should fight Thai-kickboxing but his opponent cancelled, Irving Francisca and Argenio Pieters made both their MMA debut.
Irving made his MMA debut vs Gino Hanse (Attaf), a blue belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, who won his MMA fights at ICW (International Cage Warriors) 2013 and at Fighters of the Caribbean 2014 (he won his opponent from Jamaica).
Argenio Pieters (Baas Sports) also made his MMA debut. His opponent the well-known Justin Gogulski, started at Baas Sports where he trained more than 5 years and fought in this period 4 MMA pro-fights and more than 30 fights in boxing and Thai-kickboxing. In May 2014 Justin’s father, Rob Gogulski, started his own team named ProFit. Argenio defended the honor of Baas Sports and showed who was the Baas (Boss), by winning in the 1st round. Video
Last but not least Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein (11-2-0) won in a rematch for the Light heavyweight (84-93 kg) belt MMA Pro-rules.
Evan Nedd with a MMA record of 26 Professional MMA fights with 21 victories, 17 by knock-out. Besides this great MMA record Nedd holds an incredible record in Pro-Boxing with 6 victories, Olympic boxing and undefeated in Thai-kickboxing. Evan also fights in the USA and trains in the USA at the Blackzilians with great champions like Rashad Evans, Tyrone Spong, Anthony Johnson and Alistair Overeem.

Boxing at Aruba December 2014
Video of the boxing bout of Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports Curacao)

People come and people go. Many young people leave at a time to continue their studies abroad. One of those young people, who left Curacao in 2014 for study in The Netherlands, is Justin do Rego. Justin started to train at Baas Sports Curacao, when he was young. Six times he competed in the ring as a boxer, of which he won five bouts. Justin developed both physically and mentally, from little boy to young man, ready to make a big step towards independence.

Some of the guests in 2014; Earl Blijd, Emmanuel Maduro, Jay Overmeer, Chellina Chirino, Rudsel Copra (aka Cobra), Clarence Thompson, Daniel v.d. Wilt, Luigi Kwas, Darren Simon, Jemyma Betrian
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