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Kickboxing and MMA event Dominance, February 23 2013, was a big success.
The auditorium of the International School of Curacao was packed. A lot of people who did not buy tickets in the presale could not come in.

The main event was scheduled on 5 rounds of 5 minutes for the Light heavyweight 185-205 lbs (-93 kg) title belt Pro-MMA between Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein and Tija "The Nuclear MooSe" Stanley.
Both fighters won almost all their fights in the first round.

Mohamed "The Pain" Hussein from Baas Sports Curacao was born in 1993. He fought his first martial arts match June 18 2011 @ The CUMAFE MMA championships and won the 1st prize.
He lost his pro MMA debut @ MMA Madness, but this only made him stronger. The next fight on pro rules @ the second edition of MMA madness he won by submission in the second round.
2012 Hussein was very successful with all victories in the first round.
March 17 2012 he won Ceasar Geerman (Aruba) by submission in the 1st round @ Extreme Fighting Championships in Aruba.
May 5 2012 he won Ray Koeijers (Sint Maarten) by 1st round KO @ Fighters of the Caribbean.
September 22 2012 he won Juan Vilanueva (Venezuela) by submission in the 1st round @ Curacao Rumble.

Tija "The Nuclear MooSe" Stanley is an undefeated MMA fighter from St. Kitts. Stanley was born in 1982 and practiced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Grappling, Kickboxing, Boxing and submission wrestling.
In his first MMA fight he won Tikoya by submission (choke) in the first round.
In 2012 Stanley became Caribbean MMA heavyweight champion in Trinidad by defeating Joel "The Beast" Ramphal from Trinidad & Tobago.
He defended his belt with succes by winning Bajan Kirk Goddard from Barbados.
In London England he defeated Englishman Martin Lay within 36 seconds of the first round.
August 4 Stanley won in 40 seconds a professional MMA fight in London England @ Ultimate Cage Contenders.
November 16 Stanley won Elvis (Hervick) "Caradura" Martinez by rear naked choke in the the first round in a professional MMA fight @ Octagon in Venezuela.

Results .

Kickboxing K-1 Rules
Jason Gogulski (Baas Sports) 61,5 kg. wins by unanimous decision from Jonathan Chirino (No Limit Team) 62,8 kg
Reuel Kowsoleea (Kickboxing Attaf) 56,8 kg. wins by RSC (referee stops contest) from Sendrikson Nivilac (No Limit Team) 56,8 kg
Grego Scharbaai (Baas Sports) 66,1 kg. wins by unanimous decision from Khalid Desentina (Kickboxing Attaf) 67 kg.
Joachim Walle (Kickboxing Attaf) 74 kg. wins by unanimous decision from Gideon Jonker (Baas Sports) 75,8 kg.
Thierry Goeloe (Franciska Fighting Club) 80 kg. wins by retirement from David-Lee Winklaar (Bonaire) 79 kg.
Clinton Esprit (Bob Esprit gym) 69,2 kg. wins by TKO (technical knock-out) from Dillon Waterberg (Suriname) 69,2 kg.
Joshua Karsters (Suriname) 80,6 kg. wins by KO (knock-out) from Anthomar Lodowica (Defy Limits) 78,3 kg.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
Clairon Marcos (Team Punishment) 80 kg. wins by KO (knock-out) from Jeroen Bijl (Defy Limits) 83,3 kg.
Franklin Cox (Baas Sports) 65 kg wins by submission from Dennis Helder (Thai Flying Dragon) 67 kg.
Welton Angelica (Team Hussein) 61,1 kg wins by split decision from Justin Gogulski (Baas Sports) 62,8 kg.
Jose Borrome (Venezuela) 69 kg wins by submission from Nezar Regales (Kickboxing Attaf) 70 kg
Mohamed Hussein (Baas Sports) 91,5 kg. wins by submission from Tija Stanley (St. Kitts) 92,9 kg.

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